Saturday, November 22, 2014

The times, they are a'changin..
(begun Saturday 8th November at 8.25am.)

Electron House down in Springfield is a piss-poor substitute for the ancient Hogwart's School of Magic, but for the purposes of drawing a parallel between the Harry Potter saga and the New Age quantum laser army, it'll have to do.
You're a fan of those books? My word, but I'd gobbled them up with glee, although right now I couldn't tell you much about them, except that Good had triumphed in the end.

You have to wonder whether any of the quantum Project Tutors actually refer to JK Rowling's works, during the brainwashing of those impressionable young minds.
What youngster could resist the idea of being awarded their very own personal Cloak of Invisibility once they've mastered the art of hacking into a neighour's privacy? In my version, House Slytherin gets all the glory, if only for the aptness of their name.

Quantum Recruits slithering in and out of Muggle's homes unseen, (and in the beginning at least, unfelt) their wands replaced by an advanced computerised laser program, enabling the would-be wizards to aim at their designated targets with increasing competence, as their skills improve with practise.
These youthful innocents may be told initially that their job is to merely capture the words and actions of the nearby Muggles, from whence the stolen data will be studied by some of the top Wizards, worldwide, in order to create a better life for all.
Any manner of levers will be employed to bend those fresh quantum Cadets to the Project Author's will, and I guarantee that 9 out of 10 will swiftly become addicted to the idea of totally invading someone's privacy, without the fear of getting caught.

Shall I share with you the brief unpleasantness that had occurred here at ours late on Diwali day? A bit of genuinely malicious mischief that's proven beyond a doubt that in our case, the second-generation of quantum Recruits are now rampaging in our home, and that alas, the Apple has fallen very near to the tree when it comes to our CockOfTheHeap, Agent Balliram?
Small wonder then, that the main focus day and night has reverted to the cancer between my shoulder blades, as these now thoroughly indoctrinated 'warriors' have no sense of shame whatsoever, and appear to have adopted a 'short life but a purposeful one' mantra, that has them seeing themselves as some sort of heroic martyrs, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Keeping company out on Telkom's Hidden Networks with the amoral, such as my dear Owner, was never designed to make your offspring a better person, but rather to dumb down their sensibilities and make them easier to manipulate.
Is there anything that can be done? You're asking ME? As much as the New Age wireless warriors are being taught to believe that the average Muggle is an air-wasting and expendible symbol of all that is wrong with the planet, have I perhaps been made to stand out as more despicable and deserving than most?

Oops, I nearly forgot. I managed to achieve that status with no outside influence whatsoever. You believe that crud? Seriously?
If that visible orb is truly a manifestation of any form of spiritual guardianship and guidance, I'd like to believe you would have spoken to me in a more kindly fashion, and been able to see and appreciate my pathetic struggles.
I must therefore conclude that your sphere is nothing less than a quantum laser spy, tasked to dog your every move, and I only hope your immune system can withstand the constant battering it must be taking as a result.

There's a function taking place just across on the Playing Field, and I've resorted to my trusty earplugs to take the edge off the endless announcements on the over-loud PA system. If the weather holds, I'm hoping that later on, the usual good music will kick in and I can shed my plugs and enjoy it, on this splendiferous if somewhat blustery day. Look UP and appreciate the magic that's taking place right before you.
Saturday 8th November 2014 at 10.55am.