Friday, November 07, 2014

The Devil making work?
(begun Friday 7th November at 2.30pm)

There's an air of desperation surrounding our local AmDram Society of late. I'd noticed that the White Widow had been resurrected by the Witness a few days ago, (…/r…/5860/sighting-of-white-widowand) had said as much to the GameWrecker in the monitored Polo yesterday.
The results? At about 12.45pm today, someone stuck their head over our top wall, calling out that he was looking for a Missus Webb.
The GameWrecker had gone up to see if he could help, and I could hear them conversing loudly, for ages.
Turned out to be a pleasant older Afrikaner gentleman, claiming to be a Private Investigator who was looking for a lady by the name of Natalie Faye Webb. She'd scammed his client out of a hefty amount of cash, put down as a deposit on an apartment for his student daughter in Cape Town.
Apparently the 'Investigator' hadn't connected Natalie Faye to either the White Widow or to Samantha Lewthwaite, until my old man had jogged his memory.. ‪#‎yawn‬
Do you really believe that this young pale-skinned convert to Islam is a serious terrorist threat? I have my doubts. I think she was plucked from relative obscurity, dickied up to be made to appear interesting, and is destined to be tossed into the mix by the Project's Mischief-making team every now and then, just to liven things up.
Today's lunchtime theatrical effort was quite possibly created by the same band of fun makers who'd (according to the Chirpster) called the RH Khan hospital with a bomb threat, a few hours ago?
Any ideas, Captain Laz? Let's face it. Every establishment in this area is wired to the max, with NO exclusions whatsoever. If the White Widow were hanging around Sherwood again, you'd most certainly be aware of it. Wanna pull the other one?
Friday 7th November 2014 at 3.06pm.