Saturday, November 22, 2014

(begun Sunday 9th November at 8.10am)

Your Facebook private messaging function been playing up more than usual? A corruption no doubt easily achieved by any number of your neighbourhood quantum Monitors, who are hacked into your internet devices.
Would I be nit-picking were I to say that referring to these wireless warriors as 'hackers' is a misnomer?
They are in fact Crackers, plain and simple, and they'll be taught and encouraged to cause mischief and damage where they can.

The death of that young DA Councillor for Mooi River? was pure unadulterated bad luck? You think? Clearly you have no idea of the level of monitoring going on up in the Midlands. That already there are pods of quantum laser recruits huddled in each town and village, and on the farms. anyone? Who's to say young Ken D. hadn't mentioned his intention of putting up a poster on that specific pole? Whether said out loud or during a phone conversation, you'd be deluding yourself to imagine his every word and movement wasn't being monitored and recorded.

A simple matter then, for the cable to be cut just hours before he arrived, and tucked where he likely wouldn't notice it, and to ensure there was a live feed to that innocuous bit of wiring. There's to be an investigation? Ag, please. A waste of time, as the truth will never see the light of day. In fact, truth is so out of fashion, it's ridiculous.
Nasty thoughts won't bring the fellow back, so keep them to myself rather? Bugger that.
BTW, when your own kids suggest it might be better that you bypass my Facebook wall altogether, and to avoid my updates as so much rubbish, is about when you should do just the opposite. That is, unless you yourself are already brainwashed into believing your young sons and daughters are soon to be the saviours of this country, and you wouldn't dream of going against their wishes?

Once again, you think I'm kidding, right? Pfft.. There are plenty of witless muggles out there who have been overawed by their child's acceptance into the ranks of the quantum laser/wireless Army, and who have come to treat them with misguided and undue deference and respect.
It's like each time I pick up my Bic, I'm endearing myself to you further? NOT.
Even suggesting that your precious offspring are being corrupted and desensitised in order to carry out their new roles, is hurtful and untrue?
Now who's in denial, FFS?

I've been in the line of fire for going on a decade, and if anyone knows the depths of depravity these zombified recruits will be encouraged to sink to, I figure my hand is quite rightly up in the air. Stupid? Undeniably. Openly provoking the psychotic Cracker who was handed control of our powerlines and our lives, into forcing him to reveal his true character? You only have my word that the mischief and mayhem on this little stretch would've been carried out regardless of my prodding anyone.
Though of course, if it makes you feel better to tell yourselves I, or anyone else, deserve this ongoing sadistic abuse, then by all means continue wearing your Cap of Delusion, as we race head first into the New Age.
Sunday 9th November 2014 at 9.25am.