Friday, November 07, 2014

Cunning plans?
(begun Tuesday 4th November at 10.05am)

What could possibly be wrong on such a stupendously beautiful day? Care to run that question by Shrivaar's family? Snuffed out before he'd had a chance to realise his full potential?
North Ridge Road is wired to the quantum Project as heavily as we are. Was the Panday lad already on board the laser chain? Is their home festooned with the additional outdoor lighting necessary to promote the Blessed Signal? Where were his fellow quantum 'warriors' when he'd climbed into his little car and left home? Not even the Area Controller for that section saw him leave? You're 100% certain of that? You're absolutely positive that not one among you had watched any of those ghastly events play out? That the young man's lifeless body lying in that lake of blood wasn't recorded for posterity by a way more advanced technology than the cctv at that Engen Garage?

The murder and mayhem in this once fair land has been cunningly nurtured and fostered for decades by the very people who subsequently decided you were sufficiently desperate to buy into the most flamboyant lie of the lot. A better life for all, SE GAT!!!
WhyTF would the telecoms boys have the people's interests at heart? And yet you continue to kid yourselves that you're going to make a difference by employing a technology that is useless without the telephone companies full cooperation. Good luck with that one, chaps.

Wednesday 5th November at 12.16pm

I felt obliged to send another text to our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban a couple of minutes ago. It read:
Began by targeting neck and shoulder in lounge last night. Now at 12.12pm it includes arm and chest. Please don't feign ignorance. Agent Balliram's Missus home and may account for criminal levels. Fred at No. 12? No idea, only that I would appreciate plug pulled IF YOU CAN. Jane."

LATER at 12.45pm
Sitting here in my corner of the lounge the levels were high enough for me to go orb hunting, and sure enough, the camera picked up the sadist, a bright, pingpong ball of light, high on the ceiling above the window next to me.‪#‎spits‬... I was still busy methodically deleting all the failed shots, when a chirrup rang out from No. 6's remote. I rest my case.
You're still determined it's going to be a better life for ALL? Humbug...
Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 1.45pm.