Saturday, November 22, 2014

(begun Monday 10th November at 2pm)

Any nasty aches and pains arrived this week?
Any tooth-grinding jabs to your shoulder, knee, wrists, or even eardrums?
Around about the same time your geyser played up, your Smartfone had to go to the agents, and your DStv went on the blink? Losing any bulbs around the house? Any dippage to your lights of an evening?

Agent Balliram's early quantum laser 'experiments' had been directed at our hands and wrists, with astonishing results. This so-called perfectly safe quantum laser/wifi surveillance technology had proceeded to wreak havoc on the soft tissue surrounding the joints in our wrists, hands, and fingers, and Alice, Sue, Penny and I, had all felt the results of CrackerJack's over-zealous attentions.

The first two inexplicable but visible infections had actually occurred in my elbows, but once he'd gotten into his stride it was the setting fire to our hands that he'd concentrated on. As always he'd ended up overdoing it, and my hand had ultimately swelled up like a football for no apparent reason.
Like I've said before, dear Sheldon had been flummoxed, and had sent me for a scan which had shown that I'd lost the cartilage right around my thumb joint.

You've lost one knee already to the Blessed Cause, and probably that friggen wireless mast hadn't helped at the time. You're on Medical Aid? Then how's about you go and have a scan done NOW of your good knee, and make sure you're given a written report of the estimated percentage of cartilage you have left. Sort of like an insurance, if you will?
See - If the nearby quantum mischief makers are ordered to go after your good remaining knee, the knowledge that you're keeping an eye on the cartilage might just give them second thoughts?

Last night, in between driving a red hot poker into my cancer as I sat like a bullseye in my TV chair, some Clever Dick nearby had hit my shoulder so hard that you could hear it grind when I moved. Just a taste of what my dear Vice Chair is currently going through, as these goondas hit him repeatedly.
By 8am this morning I was up on the terraces pushing my little manual mower with scarely a twinge to my shoulder. A miracle? Hell, no. While they may well have caused some damage to that soft tissue last night, as far as I'm concerned it's still my cancer they're after for the moment.

Is it feasible? Make any sense to you at all? That once you start to feel those jabs of abnormal pain directed at a specific joint, you head off chop-chop and have a scan done to ascertain the amount of cartilage you have surrounding that area. If the attacks and pain persist, you go the following month for another scan, and you could discover at last the proof you need, if your cartilage is found to be melting away at unnatural speed. The proof that these crippling attacks are in fact being carried out manually by the New Order quantum laser recruits living in your suburb.
That for whatever reason, you've been tagged for experimental purposes, and you could be set to face unimaginable levels of damaging pain.
The same pain that so many of you scoff at, as 'Virtual'.

It's just a Game? Invisibly chasing peiople from room to room in the privacy of their homes is a GAME? Targeting their eardrums repeatedly until they can be classified as hard of hearing, due to their age, is a GAME?
What they are doing to my Vice Chair's shoulder is for some sort of amusement?
Sutcliffe, Barnabas, and Telkom. Three names that have set the tone for this vicious Project and the brutal methods being used to achieve the Cherished Goal of World domination.
To the trenches, lads!! No, wait. It's too late. So let's just sit back and keep our lips safely zipped, and watch the Others being tortured?
Monday 10th November 2014 at 2.15pm.