Friday, November 07, 2014

Human rights?
(begun Tuesday 4th November at 5.45am)
All the spite of thwarted 12 year-olds, and yet, unless I'm very much mistaken, at least one of them is nudging middle-age? Mothers or wives safely in bed asleep by 12.45am?
Someone had barrelled in at that ungodly hour and unleashed the Throat Choker frequency, and I'd duly barked that vicious dry cough until my throat was raw.
By 1.10am the heat in the bedroom was at tropical levels, and it had been a wave of fire to the cancer and several nasty jabs to my temple.
Shortly after 3am I'd raised my arm to check the time and the Kyocera 'bird' nearby had immediately broken the silence with it's 'song'. At 3.40am I'd logged an astonishing display of the Throat Choker, Backfire, butt itch, and burning fingers, all in swift succession, and by 4.30am I was up and about. Understandably I'm finding it hard to believe that you've sacrificed your children for the good of anyone or anything at all.
They know me too well. They'll be aware that I've fallen out of favour with the Rocket Scientist, due I expect, to my growing impatience. Did you ever go check out that link I gave you? Did you read Karl Muller's posts carefully? Did you see for yourselves why the telecom's industry consider that good man to be a real thorn in their side?
Would Toxic Bunny be prepared to answer any of my questions in a civilised manner, or would he continue to demean himself by sounding like a ten year-old brat?
Is he in fact a quantum Area Controller for the Smart City neighbour-spying-upon neighbour Project, somewhere down in the Glenwood area? Has he had his electrical Distribution board adapted to be compliant with the monitoring technology? Has he some sort of transformer attached to the point where his Telkom line feeds into his home?
Does he have Sutcliffe's fibre optic cabling employed to run one of Telkom's Hidden Networks running through the waterlines to his home?
Any windows on his abode fitted with the laser deflecting black mirror glass, or the odd finish that was applied to the windows of the upstairs orphanage at St. Theresa's? Does our poisonous rabbit have a large aircon unit fitted on both sides of his home, facing his neighbour's properties? (Useful for creating those astonishing fake winds).
Would that young man aver that he is not a Controller, but merely a willing link in the quantum surveillance chain? Is his lack of respect for the common man increasing by the day, as the indoctrination cooks what independent thoughts he may once have had? The give-away? His visible and childish contempt towards Karl Muller earns him a Puppet stamp across his forehead, just as I've earned my own Idiot branding.
Last, but never least...
Did the Sales Pitch that TB bought so eagerly from Jannie van Zyl include the fact that he's now a part of some massive Trojan Horse initiative, where he will be expected to play his part until, on some unidentified day in the distant future, the order will be given to rise up en masse against the Rotten and Corrupt?
Did it never occur to our Rabbit that by then he could well be eligible to fit neatly among those Seriously Rotten ranks, himself?
He certainly appears to care for his own dogs, but other animals are fair game for the laser recruits? He'll look the other way as a neighbour's walls are breached and a home invasion carried out? Has TB seen for himself the suffering and illness his invisible visits are causing a nearby target, and yet he continues to follow orders and keep those levels ridiculously high?
In fact, the entire Better Life for All premise is a sick joke, is it not? It's Them and Your Lot, hey Toxic Bunny? And by Them, I would include the likes of the Rocket Scientist, Karl Muller, my own Honourable CPF Vice Chair, and Paul Doyen. Shame.
Tuesday 4th November 2014.