Monday, November 03, 2014

How deep the rot?
(begun Sunday 2nd November at 9.45am.)

Twenty-four hours after I'd bleated in that text to Allen Spence, the GameWrecker had reported that the bread and icecream at the bottom of the deepfreeze was once again frozen solid. The rank stench had disappeared, and was hopefully due to the packets of dog bones we keep down there. (Sophie and Cola won't be calling City Health, no matter how those bones pong).
Am I gratified? Yes and no. Yes, because it's now been verified that the freezer is set up to run at a lower level, merely at the simple tap of a Monitor's computer key, and it's up to us to check the contents regularly.
No, because you couldn't ask for stronger evidence to show that even after a decade of service to the New Age quantum wankers, the mischief-making is set to continue ad nauseum.

LATER at 12.25pm

Our power went off at 12.10pm, and I pulled the wall plugs and came out here to sit on the verandah and chat to you. A cracked silo that subsequently collapsed? Anyone think to provide pics corroborating this latest over-the-top catastrophe? When you consider the number of active lights that I photograph just once a week during the couple of hours I get to go out, you can begin to understand why Eskom and the Munis are having to go the rolling blackout route in an attempt to recoup at least some of the excessive power wastage due to the quantum Project.
It has squat to do with coal or silos, and everything to do with the race to get the entire population linked to the neighbour spying upon neighbour quantum laser technology and the NWO. *waves to Georgie Soros.
Changing the subject - The birds in the valley below are feasting on clouds of flying ants as they rise in the air. I've already remarked previously that for the past couple of years the white ants in our garden haven't reached maturity for whatever reason, but it would seem that whatever the glitch in their environment was, it's been sorted, as they're back to flying in their thousands.

LATER at 7pm

At around ten past six I'd gone up top to check the view. As always the so-called load-shedding appears to be mighty selective, and from Grindrod back into Sydenham they have power. Lights dance on the smart finish on the upstairs orphanage windows at St. Theresa's, and the now regular bedroom window at the supposedly unoccupied DUT student res was burning brightly. However, I'd barely sat down on the top step before that single light had been doused ‪#‎winks‬..
I sent our Al Spence a further text at 6.15pm that read: "Freezer sorted 'itself' after 24 hours, tx. Payback? Power cut at 12.10pm and six hours later no sign of it coming back. Remind me who's running this Project?‪#‎gags‬"
Course our cellphone signals were pretty much wiped out along with the powercut, but I hit Send anyways.

LATER at 7.50pm

The power came back on just five minutes ago, which makes it a 7 and 1/2 hour blackout. A tad extreme, or is the NIA thuggee at No. 6 still trying to get across his peurile bullying message? From toads with their heads neatly sliced off and left in our yard, to these latest games with our freezer's powerfeed, these are the shady characters preferred by the Telecom's Bigwigs and their pals in Government, to act as Area Controllers for the Smart City quantum surveillance project.
Has your youngster been tutored by this morally-bereft bully? You have my sympathies, although it could take a while before you recognize the symptoms of their increasing zombification. 
Despite having no power since noon, the laser generated assaults had reached an all time low. Although the power is back on, the Kyocera iBurst modem is back to it's nonsense, and it looks like a call to Bruce Poole of tradepage is in the offing. Our DStv is freezing constantly as well, since the power came back on. Our Agent CrackerJack is going for an even heavier-handed approach?

You may feel free to laugh off my warnings as extreme hyperbole, but never let it be said I didn't give it my best shot.
Sunday 2nd November 2014 at 9.11pm