Monday, November 03, 2014

Days of miracles and wonder..
(begun Friday 31st October at 9.50am)

Text sent to the Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence, at 10.15am this morning: "New chest freezer corrected itself 1 week after delivery and has run sans probs 8th June up until 3 or 4 days ago. Back to square 1, only top 1/2 freezing. Kindly work remote magic pronto. Jane 10.15am." (actually I see now that the problem had corrected itself only at the end of June, a couple of weeks later)

Remember all the drama with our little chest freezer? It was around early May this year, when that formerly trusty appliance had begun behaving badly. Sort of round the same time that our leaking fridge had more or less recovered itself overnight and had miraculously stopped leaking.
Prior to that, when the freezer had needed defrosting, it's four walls would be covered with ice from top to bottom. Only once the fridge had spookily righted itself, (running off a different socket) did the freezer start to ice up on the top half only, and the perishables in the bottom section had done just that, and had perished.

My better half had niavely gone off and purchased a replacement with his rapidly dwindling pension funds. The new freezer had arrived on Friday 23rd May, and by late the next day it was clear it had the identical problem, and nothing was freezing in the bottom half.
Back then I'd sent several texts to our Superintendent of Electricity, Allen Spence, and had expressed my disgust more than once here on my Facebook updates.
The 26th June saw the City Lightz contractors working up Fred Cochran's pole after a cable 'theft', and not long after that, I'd texted Spence to say the freezer was finally operating properly. It hasn't given us a problem since then, that is, until 3 or four days ago... It would seem that we're right back to square one, and that the feed to the bottom section of the little freezer has once again somehow been corrupted.

Is our distribution box Smart City quantum Project compliant? Are you kidding me? We are Other. Unchosen. Worthless dregs of society, regarded as little more than labrats, existing to entertain the quantum laser zombies, and nothing much else.
My old man is already muttering about contacting OK Bazaars and returning their faulty appliance. Do we REALLY have to do this stupid dance again? A dance designed in some way to mollify any of the Project thugs that infest our so-called privacy, who may be more irritated by me than usual?

I'd be obliged if Spence would stick his academic nose out of the belly of the Trojan Horse he lives in, to correct this latest effing nonsense. Who is truly running this show, Al? The powerful connections in Government that the Sparks Estate CPF Chair posted about, or the physics wallahs who introduced this 'perfectly safe' technology to eThekwini?
Either send out someone trustworthy from the Raw Power outfit to make the necessary adjustments to Fred's pole, or it will be yet further confirmation that the SA population are being taken for a ride on an unimaginable scale.

I'd been sweeping the garage at 8.45am this morning when I saw the toppie wandering down the pavement. Age? Maybe late fifties, early sixties, and probably holed up at Findlay Hall. Retired old school EE, doing his bit for the quantum Project? What was he up to? Checking for hot-spots perhaps? Seriously? Should I feel reassured? If there's any attempt being made to paint this operation as anything other than corruption-riddled, it's a FAIL.

Bump, bump, bumpety, bump - look at Frosty go...
bump, bump, bumpety, bump - over the hills of snow... Where are you‪#‎Investigator247‬? Still miraculously, your own man? Come out, come out, wherever you are....
Friday 31st October 2014 at 11.26am.