Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unholy Alliance?
(begun Tuesday 28th October at 10am)

You will never be one of us? What sort of a message was that, FFS? Truth be told, I took it as a compliment, and kindly Unfriended you.
A special Friend of the Chirpster's, perhaps? I seem to recall noting how you dogged his posts on Facebook, and I'd wondered at the time whether you were there in an advisory capacity, or merely as an Observer.

Has Karl Muller already been sold a version of the quantum laser/wifi Sales Pitch? Am I too late? Some sort of romantic tale that has Good ultimately triumphing over Evil? A story that will end as all the other variations do, with the party line, that although it will take decades to achieve, the sooner you support the Glorious Cause, the better?
That's basically all those powerful shadowy bliksems need, is it not? Time.
To give you just enough to enchant you, and then to keep moving the goalposts until every man Jack is on the quantum Chain, and may be controlled at the tap of a key?

Has Karl been fed the line that our Government introduced this astonishing surveillance technology (originally obtained from the CIA), but that they're using it for their own wicked gain, and that is the reason the country is now falling apart? That the only means of saving the day lies in the hands of the good people in the Opposition? *collapses choking.
Surely Muller would see through that bullshit straight away, and cry foul from the rooftops?
The destruction being caused to the environment alone should surely give him pause for thought, never mind the physical toll it's taking on the population around the globe.
For anyone, purporting to be good, to sit back silently and knowingly allow this gigantic violation of human rights to continue, puts them firmly in the camp of the Brainwashed, no matter what lies they've fallen for.

I'm doing good work? I believe your smackdowns and hastily added uplift may be referred to as some sort of Carnegie Sandwich, and sadly, it did little for my confidence, or my lack thereof.
In the early years, your associates would feed me rubbish and fall about as I trotted it out, and struggled to make sense of what was happening to us. Only once I'd learned to mistrust EVERYONE, had I begun making any headway at all, as laboured as it was. Would I be presumptuous in saying that I've lost my amusement factor, and that both camps now find me to be a pain in the arse?
After all, I've only the severity and nature of the ongoing physical assaults to go by, and the clear indication that no-one is going to pull the plug on the sad zombified lot who have been given such easy access to our lives.
That neither I, nor my poor recently recruited friends can anticipate that the cruelty and mischief will be stopped anytime soon. Tough titty, right?

I was sat out here on the verandah at daybreak this morning, when I was suddenly filled with an almost chest-bursting sense of what? Joy? Gratefulness? I dunno, but whatever it was, it was pretty darned good. It may well have been a sudden burst of the Euphoria frequency that caused that sheer unadulterated happiness. A frequency that can be minutely adjusted to fling you into the darkest despair, and incapacitate you for weeks. How would I know?
Sure, I write of the unspeakable, but that doesn't prevent me from appreciating everything around me, to the nth degree. I'm the lucky one, and I know it.
Wednesday 29th October 2014 at 6.53am.