Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blue Murder...(begun Monday 17th November at 5.15am)

A combination of the two would be absolutely fabulous, ne Janneman? There's a real need this time for it to look like natural causes, and I'm pretty much handing it to your lot on a plate?
Blackened, shrivelled lungs and a rotting hide? What more could an irritated Telecom's Strategist wish for, in a target?
Any of you out there know someone with advanced squamous cell cancer of the skin? I didn't think so, as even the dumbest of them DO something about it before it reaches dinner-plate size.. So yeah - When I say the damned thing healed over for a good two or three months recently, before it was re-targeted, you only have my word on it, and that as you know, is shaky at best.
They certainly mean business this time, and for the last couple of weeks, once I've bathed and dressed of an afternoon, I come through to the lounge to be met by a wave of bushdweller's campfire smoke, and I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what that's doing to what's left of my nicotine saturated lungs. Step outdoors and there's no smoke visible, and yet the stench fills the house. More quantum magic?
That's it? Going after the results of my lifelong addiction to the sun and cigs with such cruel dedication is an idea you simply can't get your heads around? I'm in some sort of denial is all? Bah! Suckers.
Anyways, that's my shit, and I'm keen to know how YOU'RE holding up? Given any thought to my suggestion that you have a scan done on any joints that are bothering you? That you get an official percentage readout of the soft tissue/cartilage surrounding the offending area, and if the pain persists, you go back again a month later and have further measurements done? It may just be the only way you could prove that the loss of your cartilage is occurring at an unnatural rate, and that it is in fact being cooked off by your friendly neighbourhood quantum spies.
The same applies to your white bloodcell count. If you find yourself taken ill and the docs can't pinpoint the cause, you should yell blue murder that you want your white blood cell count checked, and if there are any discrepancies, you should wake up and realise that you're in a bake-off, and the dish of the day is yourself.
Sure, the quantum Project Authors foresaw the need to have absolute control over the Blood Banks across the country, to prevent mass panic, and they've got their stooges in charge in each province, but who knows, you might get lucky and get some honest results, despite the tight lid they'll be keeping on those increasingly give-away stats.
The sun has just crept up behind St. Theresa's, and my Monitor's zoom-in option is making what should be a beautiful morning, somewhat unpleasant, as the flames lick my disfigured back out here on the verandah. It's almost impossible to believe that someone could be quite so unforgivably stupid as myself, but there's no reason why you should follow suit.
Just because you're Chosen and have been fooled into joining the Smart City quantum Project, (or whatever version is up and running in your neck of the woods) doesn't mean you're safe in any way, and both No 17 and No 33 continue to appear to be under fire, despite their upgrade. True, O Foul One? You're going after them hammer and tongs, despite their enrolment, are you not?
Monday 17th November 2014 at 6.38am.