Saturday, November 22, 2014

Edit on Wednesday at 2.14pm.
Some sort of closure on the matter of the missing R55 vodacom airtime voucher. The GameWrecker managed to get hold of the vodacom Helpline yesterday and they checked the airtime pin number and said that it had been used way back in October already. No problem. I have in fact made that same error just once before, and within seconds of hitting send I'd received a text to say that the number had already been used. On this recent occasion no such sms was received, so I guess I may be forgiven for suspecting foul play. Our Monitors fiddle away with our devices to the extent that nothing is as it should be. ‪#‎huffsandpuffs‬.
Our iBurst signal remains extremely dodgy and continues to drop right down to a bar or two when I'm busy on Facebook. Insurance of some sort? Try loading a picture and the wait is exasperating to say the least. Definitely a tweak from one of our Monitors nearby, to play it safe.
Now Tuesday at 6.48am. My rock-steady iBurst signal has just begun playing up again, and is now fluctuating wildly down to just one bar. Something I may have said in a FB post perhaps? See if it adjusts itself, or call Bruce Poole at tradepage and check whether there's a wide-spread problem. Agent Balliram? What would you suggest I do? (and keep it clean dear boy! ) 
Edit added at 10.38am. 
At 7.50pm yesterday evening I loaded the usual prepaid vodacom airtime voucher worth R55 and sent it to 100. I'm still waiting for the verification text to arrive in my Inbox, and for the now paid-for airtime to arrive. I also sent a R49 sms bundle pin number through, and that was verified immediately. After all the years of supporting vodacom it's the first time I've been let down on the airtime side. I've posted on the vodacom FB page asking for assistance, but so far nada. Is this a common occurrence?
Oh - and despite that ‪#‎FlipDeezy‬ of ‪#‎efnet‬ (aka Balliram) has pulled away in the black V8, my iBurst signal continues it's dodgy activity. Methinks it's merely a demonstration of how small remote mischiefs can rattle your cage if you allow them to. Ain't gonna happen. If corrupting our iBurst signal makes our quantum monitors happy then so be it. If vodacom are so desperate for cash they need my paltry R55, what can I say? Smile folks, there's magic in the air!