Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(begun Tuesday 28th October at 7.15am)

Anyone else waking in the dead of night to experience jabbing pains to their wrists/hands/fingers? Severe pins-and-needles perhaps? I'd hazard it was the very first of the exquisite tortures that our Project Area Controller had employed upon us, soon after he'd been handed control over the powerlines on this stretch, by Sutcliffe's Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence, and probably one of the first lessons now being taught to the upcoming young quantum laser cadets across the country.

It must have been around 2.30am this morning when they'd come on in and set my hand ablaze. Hardly any of the usual preliminary build-up, just a 'whoomp!' and there I was, on fire. If I'd been able to have true readings taken during that vicious onslaught, of my white blood cell count, and a scan done on that burning hand, would it have shown my cartilage actually bubbling at the time? ‪#‎curious‬ Exaggeration, Madam? Hardly.
Would Fred Cochrane check his logs and see who was on Telkom's hidden Sherwood Network and in ours, between 2 and 3am this morning? It doesn't work like that, Freddie?
Any of the quantum recruits may use the Network anytime they choose, and you cannot be expected to keep track of them? Rubbish.

This morning's exercise in perverted sadism had all the hallmarks of a payback enterprise. Payback for what, exactly? My latest Facebook picture, and the one I'd added later? What's the problem FFS? It's hardly likely that those wonderful young adults at No. 14 would risk showing their papa those pics, now is it? As I recall, at the time those pictures were taken, the Plumber had been blessed with three large contracts, ensuring that he was run off his feet, and seldom managed to make it home during the day.
Thereby ensuring that the corruption to the waterlines in the road outside of his property could be completed without him asking awkward questions?
Once his offspring were subsequently (and expediently) recruited to the quantum Smart City Project, it's hoped that someone knowledgeable had been tasked to field any questions he might have had.. Cool.

To my delight I found Karl Muller on the mybroadband.co.za site this morning, tucked away in the obscure Health, Wealth, Leisure & Relationships forum. This link:
http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/653190-Former-Nokia-CTO-Mobile-phones-wrecked-my-health. is unlikely to work, but it would be great if you could go search for the relevant thread yourselves. It's titled: ' Former Nokia CTO: Mobile phones wrecked my health'. and it's well worth a read.
Muller speaks of the spectacular increase in ADHD and autism amongst the children in this country, rendering them to a near zombie-like state.

Was this always to be a part of your superior's Master Plan, Mister van Zyl? *checks out the vodacom Strategist. Once the numbers were deemed suitable, to then start introducing the quantum laser/wifi Project to these unfortunate kids, and enrolling them to this New Age technological army, where they could be easily manipulated and encouraged to terrorise the masses of Unchosen?
Tuesday 28th October 2014 at 8.14am.