Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(begun Monday 27th October at 5am)

I stink. As I sit here scribbling at the desk, I reek of eau de cancer, and you really want to keep your distance or gag. Nothing new at all, as I'd been forced to begin bathing and changing my dressing twice a day for that very reason, some years back. And then, about three or four months ago, some sort of miracle had happened, and that gross squamous cell cancer had appeared to seal itself up and had stopped weeping and bleeding pretty much altogether.
We'd been driving out of Caxtons one Thursday a month or so back, and I remember turning to the old man and saying that I no longer needed more than one dressing or bath a day, as my cancer was at last behaving as I imagine it should've been all along.

Course, whoever was tracking us at the time would've recorded that snippet and it was unsurprisingly used against me with alacrity. It's the weather? It's understandable that it's going to react badly to the warmer weather? Gimme a break here guys. I've lived with this self-inflicted disfigurement for a decade or more, and I'll be the judge of how it behaves, if you don't mind.
There were plenty of days during our most recent so-called winter that the temperature had crept up into the thirties, and yet the Abomination had stayed well-behaved and clean.

They're going about it a little differently now, but the results must surely have the vodacom Strategist ecstatic with delight. Rewarded, Agent Balliram? Another jetski? A beach cottage in Mauritius? Man, I know you'd be okay working for absolutely nothing, as it's the thrill of inflicting pain that feeds your addiction.
I'll go lie in a hot bath sometime between 4 and 5 pm each day, and pat the monstrosity dry before applying a fresh dressing. No - don't turn away, it's bloody fascinating, albeit a tad disgusting.
Within an hour or so after that, I can now actually FEEL the dressing growing soggier by the minute, and there's a definite pattern beginning to emerge.
The stench had been so noxious yesterday morning that I'd resorted to changing the dressing early on. When I'd finally come to bathe as usual yesterday afternoon, apart from a few self-inflicted blood spots, that dressing had been dry. Hau!!!
Right. So we've established that whatever my Attackers are using to have re-instated this particular misery, it's being concentrated to the late afternoon and overnight, and there's no question about it.

Everyone reacts differently to over-exposure by electromagnetic radiation, as can be seen visibly on Mike Oliver of the Muni's electricity security Division, and on THIS Telkom tech up our phone pole in the valley.
I guess Mikey may have had that thing cut off his forehead by now, and I'd be interested to know when it had first arrived. I'd have to bet it was only after he'd begun working with the quantum laser/wireless technology around 2003/4?

Paul Doyen of The Microwave Factor website had only recently casually mentioned in a mail that he'd had several cysts removed, and of course that makes sense, as he's an enemy of the telecom's industry and he's currently being hounded across the globe for his sins..
Our own voice of reason, Karl Muller the Rocket Scientist? Was he spirited away to what he imagined was a relatively safe haven? To what end, when it's glaringly obvious that van Zyl and his cohorts are watching that good man 24/7? Is he being manipulated to speak out on behalf of the so-called Good Guys in this ghastly world take-over? Unknowingly used to reassure the anxious that there are Seriously Good academics out there who are working towards change for the better? Is Karl, like Paul Doyen, still unfamiliar with the neighbour spying upon neighbour quantum laser technology, and you'd prefer to keep it that way?

It's all about body temperature, is it not? My attackers increase those levels each night once I've nodded off, and they've learned not to wake me for the most part. My hair is growing as fast as ever (including on my ugly mug) and I have pockets of sebacious oil all over, and like I said, the Abomination does nearly all of it's copious weeping overnight, when it's under increased and deliberate attack.
Any point in my saying ek maak mos sterk beswaar? Probably not. Not when someone you trust finally tells you that you're neither innocent nor a victim. Eish.

I'd been bumbling about the kitchen yesterday at 12.20pm, when one of my Monitors had let loose a flurry of knives to my eardrum without any warning whatsoever. At 5.45pm I'd been sitting in front of the telly when that excrutiating exercise had been repeated. Our top quantum laser Agent has already pretty much destroyed the hearing in one ear, and appears to be targeting the other with a will. Like I said, my dear GP had admitted he had no idea what was causing those intermittent knife-like pains, and that outwardly my ears appeared to be fine.
What's my point? If you've begun developing cysts, or enduring occasional stabbing pains to your eardrums then FFS speak out to everyone you encounter, and chances are you'll begin to find that you're far from alone.

What is it that's being run in our home, Jannie? Now that Kindle has shown us unequivocably to be a hotspot? Is it 3G, as google would have the GameWrecker believe, or is it the dodgy 4G that the MastFighter insists is REALLY bad for the collective health of the population? Is that what's going on here now? We're 'trialling' the infamous 4G technology, on top of being a Learner Hub for the quantum laser students? Should I consider this to be an honour, or is it a further breach of human rights that's particularly foul, even for your lot?
Have a magnificent day julle.
Monday 27th October 2014 at 6.43am.