Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Whatever you say may be used..
(begun Saturday 3rd October at 10.20am)

I'd had a lovely smile and wave from our Akay at No. 4 as he’d headed up the hill towards the Madressa earlier, and it had cheered me no end. Had he watched yesterday’s footage live, as I’d sat chatting in our lounge to the lady whose car had apparently died on our verge sometime after 9am? Did I pass some sort of test?
Thursdays have always been greatly favoured by our local AmDram Society as being ideal to stage some of their more flamboyant offerings, and whether yesterday’s incident was one such performance piece, remains to be seen. She'd said she was from over by Barns Road, and therefore I must guess she answers to the Capell Road Smart City Project Area Controller? If I'd known this, would my paranoia have had me leave her standing out on the road? Clearly, you all know me better than that, and I was delighted to meet her, no matter whether she had a hidden agenda or not.‪#‎wavestoMerle‬.
So, tellus Dominic - Did you garner any information that you and your associates didn’t already know from the decade-long violation of our privacy? Anything fantastically juicy that may subsequently be used to stir further mischief and discord among the community?
Speaking of which, I must surely compliment Damage Control for their sterling efforts on so many of the Facebook pages I frequent.
While some of you manage to retain a modicum of humanity, others sadly, come across as just plain unpleasant, and frankly terrifying, in your efforts to follow the Party plan. (You’ll not forget I’m in a position to recognise unpleasant when I see it)
Where was the vociferous Yellow Bean to defend his champion when he was most needed, and WhyTF is she once again under the weather? You have an alibi, young man, and her illness has nothing whatsoever to do with the increased invasion of her privacy and the fluctuating power supplies to her home? Humbug. The tragedy is that some of those remarks made on that thread surpassed mere dislike, and came across as rank hatred. And this from the youth that's set to save the world?
Here’s a thought. You live over in the beleagured Glenwood/Bulwer/Umbilo area, so why don’t you take a pic of your nearest streetlight pole and store it in a safe place? Do this on a regular basis and you might find there’ve been an assortment of embellishments added when you weren’t watching.
Could this be to promote what our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban referred to as a 'sophisticated, computerised anti-cable theft technology? Hardly, although our Allen Spence had visibly enjoyed his own joke at the time it was made.
Fear is the single means that’s been used to promote the Smart City quantum laser/wireless neighbour spying upon neighbour chain, and it’s worked astonishingly well. I’ve told you nothing here in my stumbling, often incoherent fashion, that is not the truth. Villify me if you will, but there is far worse currently out there than the nurtured and fostered corruption rife among the Governing Party, which is being used to distract you so successfully.
Be serious FFS. The ridiculous amount of power outages in Glenwood are due to the authorities sudden dedicated efforts to repair the damage caused by a lack of maintenance?? Why would they care? Because it’s the only area that has a group of people who are willing to get their hands dirty and clean up cheerfully? You THINK?
My word, but it’s a beaut day out there, and how can I help but be grateful to the few who may think twice before aiming those bloody lasers between my shoulder blades. Skippedy-doo-da children.. The trick is to be at all times INTERESTED, as opposed to AFRAID.
I’m not sure exactly how long the GameWrecker and I had spent at the Westwood Mall yesterday, but it had been well over an hour. By the time we came to leave we were both hobbling, and in a great deal of discomfort. I’d checked, and he too had said the pain was located in the small of his back. Another astonishing coincidence? What are the stats on the over-fifties employed at that Shopping Centre? Wherever I looked there were young people working, and one has to wonder whether the older trusted employees have already had to retire due to the pain caused by the levels of wireless running inside the Mall.
Saturday 3rd October 2014 at 2.38pm.