Thursday, October 02, 2014

Honour among thieves?
(begun Tuesday 30th September at 6.30am)

Is there any honour among the quantum laser privacy thieves? Harmony, even? Or do they lie to each other as easily as they do to the non-Elite? Is the behaviour displayed by the Smart City quantum Monitors in our neck of the woods par for the course across the country?Blatantly criminal, it certainly appears to be condoned and encouraged by the various authorities running this semi-covert operation.

I would have to guess that despite any denials, the back-stabbing and rumour-mongering among our fine New Aged heroes is pretty much standard practise, although it will be carried out with a certain amount of caution, to say the least.
People from all walks of life brought together to work towards a common goal was never going to be straightforward, although these favoured soliders of the wireless war will be taught early on to follow their given orders without question, or pay the price.. Ah well - Enough about the silent dislike for each other that seems to be rife among our staunch 'Guardians'.

LATER at 9.50am
I'd stumbled across a small but rather delicious coincidence the other day, although whether it's of any importance, remains to be seen.
I'd been going through my little hand-written phone book looking for heavenknows what, when I'd found the names Derek and Dawood written separately under kind Missus Samuel's name, from up at No. 18. Anything at all to do with the Dawood who has built those four enormous blocks of student apartments for DUT (breaking more than a few bye-laws in the process), just off Hugo Road? I recall seeing a bakkie pulled in to the construction site, bearing the logo DD Projects, and I confess to now wondering whether there is a link to the family five houses up from ours. Zain? Any ideas?

Have the relevant authorities been informed of the illegal access road created alongside the Freeway fly-on to the City? Have those officials devised a plan to deal with the extra traffic emerging right next to No 2 Harris Crescent? Already a spot that is notorious for accidents, I'd suggest that Mr. Dawood of DD Projects has some powerful contacts who appear to have kindly overlooked this irresponsible addition to the traffic congestion.

LATER at 10.20am.
That neat little mostly-white Airwing chopper has been clattering by at least four times already, as it heads over just beyond St. Theresa's into Sydenham, and then circles back over the Dome and Mayville, before coming back to repeat the route. Police business? Not a chance. It will most assuredly have computers on board that are linked to the Smart City quantum technology, as it flies back and forth capturing the many recent upgrades on that stretch.

Anyone down at the Airwing base at Louis Botha come out and claimed the credit for engineering Architect Robert Johnson's horrific ordeal down to the finest detail a few weeks back? No? Scurvy coward.
Tuesday 30th September 2014 at 2.10pm.