Tuesday, October 07, 2014

(begun Saturday 4th October at 11.30am)

*I'd just sat down here at the PC to do my Facebook update, when my Project Area Controller's house alarm went off next door. Did he spike his own system to use as an excuse to hot-foot it home and keep a close eye on me? He's most certainly done that before and I'm touched.*
It's rather like a foul but irresistible bone that I keep digging up to chew on again and again. The smoking thing. WHO don't give a monkey's for the health of the population, and by now they're fully on board the global culling Experiment being carried out by the Weathermen, Monsanto, and the various versions of the quantum laser/wireless surveillance technology, which are inexorably removing your right to privacy and good health.
So, why the heavy-handed attitude towards smokers? Sure it's a disgusting habit, and under the right circumstances you could ultimately kill an innocent with your second-hand smoke, never mind doing yourself a mischief, but hey - you could also chug down one ale too many and kill an entire car-load of people on your way home. If anything, liquor laws have been relaxed, but I'd bet that true and honest stats would reveal that the devil drink is way more deadly than an addiction to say Rothmans Light, for example.
It came to me earlier that the answer is probably simple, and the fact that for the moment at least you're still permitted to puff on your fags outdoors where the smoke may dissipate into the ultra-short laser laden air, is the clue.
Do the great belches and wreaths (sp) of smoke that leave your lips present some sort of obstacle to the laser-wielding Information Thieves as they snatch your words out of the air for posterity? Does that smoke in some way distort the audio-monitoring, and the capturing of your conversations, which are being recorded and stored on satellite, that our would-be Masters may get to know our strengths and weaknesses intimately?
Is that what the demonisation of smoking is all about, and not a genuine concern for lung cancer sufferers after all?
If you were to call the Physics Department at UKZN and request that Professor Petruccione confirm that ciggie smoke does indeed present somewhat of an obstacle to the quality of the stolen audio/visual recordings taking place surreptitiously in YOUR home, would you expect an honest reply? Ahem.
Here's another thought. When did the telecoms giants ever give a toot for their customer's health? When Professor Leonard Els had said that a cordless phone is ten times more dangerous to your well-being than a cellphone, I had no reason to disbelieve him, and yet cordless phones have become the next best thing to sliced bread, and I very much doubt they come with any printed words of warning.
The quantum laser/wireless surveillance technology would be a damp squib without the contributions made by our telecoms giants, and in particular, Telkom. Ain't that a fact, Janneman? Hidden Networks? Really? Pfft...
Even without validation, this eejit is confident that she's answered her own puzzle on the draconian anti-smoking laws, and that cigarette smoke in confined spaces can be detrimental to the quality of the private visual and audio conversations stolen by the magnificent laser wielding quantum Recruits, now ensconced in homes in every suburb across the country..
Saturday 4th October 2014 at 12.43pm.