Thursday, October 02, 2014

Tuesday now 6.18am.

I've been browsing Facebook happily since just after 5am. No pain, no earache, no nothing. A double-chirrup from Balliram's remote just a minute ago and *blam!!*, a series of savage knives to my cancer erupts as I sit here.
Sort of a relief to be reminded so clearly from whence comes my pain and suffering, and very difficult not to look sideways at ALL the quantum monitors on this stretch, and blame them equally, when I'm under such brutal fire, as you can imagine.

He will no doubt head out at some point, making sure he leaves those horrendous levels set for his monkeys to operate for the day. An sms to our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban? Hey, it got so bad yesterday afternoon that I actually composed a message to good old Allen Spence and saved it in my Outbox to send later. Will I be hitting Send ? Easily intercepted and blocked, but always mentioned anyways here in my updates, Al must be SO thrilled to be in the limelight. NOT.
Have a great day. Peace.