Thursday, October 02, 2014

(begun Friday 26th September at 10.55am) Edits added at 5.37pm.

Could it be done remotely? Not after all by some eager hirelings, practised at wall hopping? Hell, I don't see why not. Send a barrage of lasers to the keyhole and keep doing it repeatedly, and you can bet your bottom dollar there'd be as much damage as if a wire had been inserted there physically.

I've asked before and I'll ask again. Who figures out the agenda for each month? A collective huddle up at Sydenham SAPS, including the likes of the Accountant and his buddy Agent Balliram, as our Laz chairs the regular Meetings of Mischief-Makers?
There to decide which crippling frequency will be flooded out across the suburb for the next four or five weeks, and which specific physical areas of the community are to be targeted? Back problems this time round? Or should the laser recruits go after the Sucker's ears, jaws, and skulls?

How've you been lately? Turns out rather unsurprisingly that my VC's been having problems with his jaw as well, and I'm betting you're gatval of my whines on the assaults that I've also been taking in that particular area. More astonishing coincidence? Wait - I can do even better than that .
When I'd gotten up the Thursday before last to go in and out of our back door security gate without a problem, only to have it jam up irrepairably at 8am, it turns out that my CPF Assistant Secretary was having similar problems over in Loon Road, and she'd had to climb a wall to leave her property due to a jammed lock.

Only now do I hear that my Vice Chair had been out socialising that Wednesday night over in the Malvern area, and that when they'd come to head home, it was to find the Audi's door locks had jammed totally. It was only on the second visit by a locksmith the following morning that they finally managed to open the car, after fiddling with something under the bonnet to get the windows open.
So? Could all this damage have been achieved remotely by the laser-equipped quantum Recruits, who are hell-bent on making this world a better place for some and not others?

Was it not the same Wednesday night that Someone saw fit to silently access Sue the Book's yard and to remove a wheel from her car, where it was parked a few yards from her bedroom windows?‪#‎studiestherecruitatNo‬.5 (correction added at 5.29pm. Apparently this charming little incident took place on the Thursday night after our locks had all been jammed overnight on Wednesday.) Beginning to get the picture here, Zane? You still regard this as some sort of game? As long as you're patted and praised you'll happily choose to ignore what's staring you in the face? I confess I'd hoped you'd be a fraction harder of a nut to crack than some, but that appears to have been foolishness on my part.

All of this remote cleverness fitted in between just the right number of home invasions, hijackings and engineered bouts of often undiagnosable illnesses?
Does the would-be Lance Armstrong from No. 6 actually believe the bullshit that vodacom's Jannie van Zyl feeds him? The flattery and stroking, as the Poor Sod's ego is manipulated to the nth degree? I would hope not.

Later at 5.31pm.

It was not enough to thieve Sue's car wheel last week, and this morning 2 hirelings cut through her fence on the Jan Smuts side and proceeded to attempt to break in, although they were deterred. Terror tactics, anyone? They'd tried to call the police, but of course the Station's phones have been down for some days now. You believe that? Seriously? When Telkom is pretty much calling the Smart City surveillance Project shots, and has been from the very beginning? How many locals will think to call 10111, and would they get a reply if they did? Wicked games, people. Wicked.