Thursday, October 02, 2014

Cell-tower lamps. Part 2
(Saturday 20th September at 8.45am continued)

*Edit: For those of you who don't know the Cathy that commented below, she happens to be our CPF Assistant Secretary, (she kindly took over the job when I resigned) and she lives over the other side of Sherwood. Interesting to find that two of us have had our locks jammed within days of each other, don't you think?*
I'd been in and out of the kitchen security gate several times this morning, without any sort of lock problem. At around 8am I'd called the dogs to take them for a trot upstairs to the road. The gate lock had promptly jammed. The same key that had been working perfectly in the hours earlier.
The GameWrecker had eventually managed to extricate the jammed key and had tried the other two spares to no avail. It's magic, I tell you, and I'd ended up having to use the front door. ‪#‎salaam‬
While the cost of repairing the security gate is no doubt the goal that the Poor Creature desires, I don't quite see the point. As the kitchen has a stable door, any replacement security gate would also have to go outside, making it accessible to further overnight mischief in the future...Groundhog day, anyone?

LATER at 9.20am

The missing iBurst signal? The old man had finally managed to connect to the Internet simply by moving the computer plug to a different port at the back of the tower. (the non-tech minded might care to remember this for future use). Our Bullyboy Admin next door had apparently seen fit to block the iBurst signal from the port we'd been using, to create a little much needed entertainment.. Shame.
Anyone prepared to do a rethink on my request for a proper wetlands status to be given to the valley/horseyard below? A pair of Egyptian geese had cruised in an hour ago, to land on the lush greenery below No. 10, and the GW had seen those two huge white storks arrive earlier. The red bishop birds will be back soon enough, and there's a whole bunch of bright green re-growth now sprouting on the steep bank opposite No.14, which would suggest they've resumed the runoffs from below the Senior Boys hostel on Hugo Road as well.
You could call it the Stefanus Roux Wetland project, as it would go a long way to promoting the lie that the quantum laser/wireless technology is perfectly safe. Wink, wink...

Sunday 21st September at 9.35am

We'd been watching House of Cards last night at around 9pm, when I'd heard the chink of something metal nearby, and had gotten up to investigate. I never did find the source of that sound, but instead all hell broke loose as the neighbourhood dogs suddenly went bananas, including our two.
Something out there in the dark was shrieking like a banshee, and when I'd gone out and shone the torch up into the old avo tree, there among the leaves were two pairs of bright green glowing lamps. Turned out to be a couple of genets having an almighty argument, and eventually they'd both leapt into the mulberry tree and disappeared down into the valley below.
Despite that it wasn't the happiest of scenarios, I was delighted to see those wild creatures, as I'd thought the last of them was long gone from this over-built and wireless saturated area...
It's moments like that, that have me thinking I've had it all wrong from the start, and that I've somehow romanticised and exaggerated this push to control the country and it's population..
Hah! Yegods, how I wish that were so. Chin up julle, as the carefully orchestrated murder and mayhem is now officially on the increase, and it continues to steer you into thinking that the quantum laser regime is the only way forward.
Monday 22nd September 2014 at 5.40am.