Thursday, October 02, 2014

Saturday 27th September at 6.11am. 

'The mast in Loon Road is erected on council property. Council has a lease agreement with MTN for this use. Further info regarding this may be obtained from Eugene Brussow, Project Technician, 1st floor, Disaster Management Building.'

That last bit I copied and pasted from a mail forwarded to me for my interest. Eugene? Watse Project??? I understood there was a clear procedure to be followed before a mast may be erected in a residential area, and that all residents must be notified well ahead in order that any objections may be made timeously. Why have the Loon Road property owners been deemed unworthy of this consideration, and watse KAK issit hierdie that Council may simply ride roughshod over ratepayers in this manner? 
I don't much care for the information that our Mr. Brussow is camped out at a Disaster Management Building either. Watse DISASTER? Unidentifiable electrical fires perchance? WhatTF has MTN got to do with Disaster Management and why? Care to tellus more details about this 'Project' Eugene? Shunnon Tulsiram merely passed the buck, saying that it had been Jacquie Subban's baby, and there the trail had ended.