Saturday, October 18, 2014

The crock at the end of this rainbow.
(begun Saturday 18th October at 5.30am)

Any of you fine quantum soldiers remember the first time your Tutor demonstrated the Crotch Scratcher? How to target your quarry remotely, just so, to cause such an overwhelming itch as to have them scratching frantically, resulting in gales of mirth from their invisible Watchers? Quarry isn't quite the right word of course, as it's more like shooting ducks in a barrel, trapped as they are in their own homes, and within easy reach of you and your peers in every corner of their house. Ahh.. those were the fun days, right?
When he'd break the monotonous boredom of a monitoring shift with all manner of amusing games.. And now it's your kid's turn to learn the ropes, is it not?
The fruit of your loins, who you've been assured will lead the charge into the Brave New World that lies beyond. You would've introduced them to the quantum laser program ever so gradually. Allowed them to look at your screen when the target was sitting quietly in front of the telly, or snoring in their bed... After all, you didn't want to gross them out before they'd even got the hang of it.
Once they'd had the basic idea of what was involved, it's possible they were sent on some sort of course to be properly brainwashed, away from your beady eyes? Electron House down in Springfield perhaps?
At what age do they recommend you get your kids involved? Fourteen, if they show an aptitude for computer games? Then, if they're quick learners, by the time they're 16 or even younger, they're ready to join a neighbourhood pod and go rampaging across the airwaves and into the homes of the Unchosen, to hone their skills?
Do you celebrate that rite of passage? Once your darlings have mastered the art of hacking into nearby homes, and had the basic lessons using the quantum laser computer program? A special cake? A trip to McDonald's?‪#‎bucket‬
There's a unity and bond among these fine Rainbow Warriors? Hell no, don't give me that kak. The ranks are as divided on the airwaves as they are among the ignorant unwashed masses on the ground. Depending on their individual character assessment there are those that will gleefully join their Tutor long after the majority are sound asleep in their beds, and they'll spend many a happy hour targeting defenseless animals across the suburbs, or accessing the homes of designated targets to cause them more pain and suffering. Your well-brought up kids would NEVER? Really? How the f*ck would you know?
Do you seriously think you share such a close bond with them that they'd tell you instantly if they became involved in anything unpleasant on their monitoring sessions?
Why, if they truly adore you, would they burden you with more stress than you already have?
That's pretty much how it works, right, Janneman? And no Stephen, it doesn't impress me to hear that the quantum technology was used successfully to net a stash of drugs worth millions. Double that amount of banned substances are probably being unloaded for distribution at Durban Harbour as I scribble here in the deliciously chill morning wind.
It's not the drugs or the criminals that the Project Planners are after. Its the bodies and souls of the youthful masses that they're hunting down, and they're doing a fine job of it so far.
The sleight of hand used by the more skilled of the Damage Controllers will ensure that these young cadets will believe pretty much anything that's suggested to them. Besides, their parents set them a fine example by buying into this crock in the first place, did they not?
Saturday 18th October 2014 at 7.35am.