Saturday, October 18, 2014

(begun Friday 17th October at 8.20am)

May I ask you something? How is there a difference between Oscar Pistorius and the Telecom's Industry's most protected quantum laser Area Controller, Collin P. Balliram?
Despite the overwhelming evidence in Oscar's case, he will no doubt end up with little more than a slap on the wrist, and I'd not be surprised were he to re-offend sometime in the future.
My Master's rages are every bit as destructive as those of the Blade Runner, and yet he will never be forced to face a court and be judged.
How loud had those hoots of disbelief and derision been, when I'd speculated that the architect Richard Johnson's harrowing ordeal down at Prospecton had been a carefully planned and timed set-up? I very much doubt that there's a Visitor's Register down at the Airwing Base at Louis Botha, and even if there were such a thing, it's a given that the Operatives involved wouldn't have signed in.
We'd been driving up Cowies Hill on the third occasion that the Polo's battery had been targeted remotely, and out of the blue the car's engine had begun faltering. Had we just passed some sort of hidden mini base station or mast, that had been employed for that operation? Our Trackers had as always been following our conversation in the Polo, and would have easily had sufficient time to set up ahead of our passing a chosen point. As luck would have it, we'd turned around and had managed to limp home safely.
Alpine in Pinetown had subsequently said it had been another of the 4 ignition coils that had burned out. Whether those coils are being tampered with at whichever Agents you employ for your vehicle's service or repairs, is unknown. But the good guy at Alpine had told the GameWrecker it was a most uncommon fault to have occurred, on the first occasion that it had happened. (Stranded out at Makro on Edwin Swales after dark, on that occasion, was he not, Balliram?)
You think I'm kidding when I say I'd bet good money that it was an identical scenario employed upon the Architect as he headed back from Prospecton, and that had his vehicle not been so timeously stripped during his absence, at least one of those ignition coils would've been found to be cooked?
Wild speculation? Any visiting CIA agents down at the Airwing offices that day, or had that been a totally local demonstration of what can be achieved by the wonders of this sophisticated wireless weaponry? It's doubtful whether Mr. Johnson would recollect whether the streetlights had been active at the time, daylight or not, but you can bet that at least some of them were.
There was never the intention to do more than have the man roughed up and frightened? I've a problem believing that one quite frankly, and I think he was damned lucky to have walked away in one piece.
Were Ms. Allopi and her equally shady collegues in Town Planning impressed? Those crooks should avoid becoming complacent at all costs. There's a war going on out there over the airwaves, and things can change in an instant. Who knows whose turn it could be next, to provide entertainment for the quantum Army recruits and their overseers...
If you're fortunate to be numbered among the Blessed Chosen, godwilling you'll have a rough idea of how to avoid 'crossing' some imaginary line known only to the quantum laser Guardians, or 'trespassing', and incurring the wrath of your Peers as a result.
Self-acknowledged fools such as I, can only sit and marvel at the double standards employed by a quantum laser Rule book that's certainly not available to lowly labrats and the like..
The fact that we've had our freedom totally removed, doesn't appear to matter to anyone at all. Sure, we're all pretty much in the same boat now anyway, only of course, many like us will be made to suffer for our perceived sins. I'm guilty? I'd be most obliged if you'd read out the charges, and I would certainly acknowledge that I had resorted to provocation on occasion, in a foolish attempt to get the Sadistic quantum Area Controller to out himself by his own behaviour, and have him removed from his post. What was I thinking??? I would hope that any other charges levelled against me are of a standard deserving the shocking ongoing physical abuse that continues to be meted out on a daily basis.
Even as I scribbled those words there came an ache to my jaw and the new Donkey-kick to my side was resumed, while my cancer began to simmer again. How many courageous quantum Protectors are being deployed against one mouthy old fart like myself, when they should surely be out there making the world a better place? Getting rid of me will achieve just that, Janneman? Really? Pfft..
Friday 17th October 2014 at 3.19pm.