Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A song and dance?
(begun Sunday 19th October at 5.30am)

At 4am the Kyocera bird had called out nearby, and the first two fingers and thumb on my right hand had begun to burn.
By 4.45am I'd been logging the ongoing assault on the pad next to my bed when I swear the levels had been even more savagely increased, and I'd suggested aloud that my attacker should see someone about their problem. (Some sort of counselling for Haters?)
Could my hand and wrist actually spontaneously combust, as the writing on that envelope hooked under our gate had suggested, or is it merely causing more cartilage to burn away, as has been done to my left hand already?

Perfectly safe, Professor Roux? I figure in the five years since your tongue-in-cheek piece appeared in Popular Mechanics (Tangling with Telecoms, July 2011, SA issue), even you would have to admit that the quantum laser/wireless technology is an astonishingly powerful and deadly weapon, made all the more so by the inability for the average layman to prove it's very existence, or the fact that it's decimating the population. Course, it might be a different story altogether were the man in the street to have access to such things as electromagnetic field meters, and be given instruction on how to read them, but that ain't about to happen.

Do us a favour folks. If you've taken the time to do more than just click Like on this update, and to actually read it, then start talking to everyone you know. Talk about the strange flu-like symptoms you keep encountering, and the increased aches and pains that seem to be exacerbated after dark.
Talk about your 'Carpal Tunnel syndrome' (hah!), and the knee replacement you may soon need. Talk about the ringing in your ears, and that dry cough that's so spasmodically violent it can cause you to nearly blackout on occasion. The way your heart races or thuds at times, for no apparent reason, or knives of pain jab at your eardrums.

I've no idea whether there's safety in numbers, but I do believe that you would be astonished by the amount of people in your own area who are enduring similar odd and inexplicable symptoms to yours. Who knows but that your sharing with each other openly may lead to your quantum Project Area Controller having to lower the levels they're employing, or risk raising the alarm among the sheeples they wish to cull and control.

I've been feeding the solitary bull monkey that appears to have been ostracised from his troop, for some time. Tossing the fruit and bread up onto the first terrace out of harm's way. He hadn't managed to attract our attention yesterday afternoon as I'd napped in front of the telly, and the old man played about on the PC, so he'd taken himself into the kitchen and had found the fruitbowl on top of the fridge, and the bag of dog biscuits. It must have been when he'd dropped the glass bottle of peanuts in disgust that our two yappers finally heard him and went noisily to investigate. I've subsequently put all the stuff lying around into a Pick n Pay cold bag and zipped it closed out of sight. Serves me right, and we'll have to be a tad sharper today, or the poor chap's desperate raids could get to
be a habit. Good luck out there, and have a wonderful day. Peace.
Sunday 19th October 2014 at 7.06am.