Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(begun Tuesday 21st October at 7.25am)

Oh dear. I've offended you again? It sets your pearly-whites on edge when I tar you all with the same foul brush that paints the quantum Warriors in our neck of the woods? What makes you any different, pray tell? A University education and a priviliged upbringing? Pfft..
From the glimpses I've seen of your behind-the-scenes comments, your veneer of respectibility is just that.. A thinly-veiled coat of varnish designed to fool the as-yet Unchosen. Yours are certainly not the only snippets of truth I've accidentally seen on my computer screen over the years, as my Network 'Administrator' has fumbled several times in his management of our computer, revealing the quantum hackers comfortably ensconced on our PC, derisively chatting about my struggles online.
So ja - You'll have to forgive me if I tend to lump you all together in one sorry basket of fabrication and falsehood, despite that you see yourselves very differently.

Wednesday 22nd October at 9.35am

The GameWrecker had picked up the phone yesterday afternoon, only to say there was no-one the other end. The second or third such call in the past couple of days, only this time I suspect it was the one that had deliberately terminated our landline. It was deader than a dodo when I'd come to use it this morning, so he'd sent a text to Faults and had a Reference number in response.

Been having shoulder problems this past week or so? I recall how dear Basil had suffered down at No.4, in just that area, and I now find that the Honourable Man has been enduring similar pain and discomfort. Woken brutally at 4am this morning to a concentrated assault on his already aching shoulder joint, he'd described the pain as anything but normal. Someone in a rush to inflict as much damage to that soft tissue as possible, and caution be damned? ‪#‎passthebucket‬

Which of the quantum Recruits was present in my VC's bedroom at 4am this morning, Agent Balliram? You'd have us believe you no longer keep the schedules, and that I'm to ask young Freddie Cochrane for that information?
Pull the other one, CrackerJack! You have a personal interest in everything that takes place in and out of that property on Abrey, and it would be pointless denying it.

Let wel julle. It matters not whether you or a family member are officially on board the Smart City quantum/wireless neighbour spying upon neighbour operation.
Do I think for one minute that the occupants of Nos. 33, 17, and 5 Harris Crescent are now exempt from the assaults we endure in ours?
I do not.
Although it was considered expedient at the time to finally recruit those latecomers, they will continue to be treated with the utmost contempt by my Owner and his nearby bumchums.
I understand that No 33 has a really painful neck thats needed attention? Near enough to her shoulder joint to interest me. Now if our landline hadn't gone down and I'd called Nos 17 and 5 to ask whether any of those occupants are experiencing neck or shoulder pains, what would their answer be?
After catching up with my Vice Chair on the cellphone earlier, I'd relayed the conversation to the GameWrecker, who'd immediately said that he'd woken yesterday morning with a painful shoulder that continued to ache today. Coincidence? Bah, fekking HUMBUG!!

Missus Balliram had called our landline yesterday, (just prior to the second and last call with nobody the other end, that had appeared to kill the phone), to inform us they'd be partying next door tomorrow. I'm happy for them, and can only hope the Poor Sod sets aside his vicious spite and doesn't issue orders to his lackeys to continue making our lives miserable during the festivities...

It's now 10.55am and here's a quick update to say that the dogs had gone nuts about half an hour ago, and we'd gone out front to find a tech up the pole between us and No. 6. I'd snapped you some pics which you'll have to wait for, but it turned out to be the same guy whose photo I already have. Would Devan Pillay from Telkom Overport recognize the dude, or is he attached to a special unit of sorts? ‪#‎interested‬... My old man said this visit wouldn't be in response to his Fault report, so what the chap is doing down there is in question. The white wireless box is hanging down against the pole and the bloke appears to be working on the parcel of wires that were in it's innards... I've tried our phone and it remains dead.
Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at 11am.