Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hidden Networks?
(begun Tuesday 7th October at 6.20am)

I've been lucky. My 69th year and no allergies, no pre-existing ailments or conditions, no nothing. Well, except for the Abomination on my back, but she's here to stay, and if she were left alone by my Tormentors, I can mostly forget about her for hours at a time..
So, it's got to appear to be like a natural progression of age, has it not, Mistuh van Zyl? The aches and pains that inevitably arrive as we grow older? *winks
I was forced properly awake at around 3am as Someone had driven a branding iron into my cancer, and had held it there. Small wonder the abomination declines to heal back over with these now regular vicious deliveries in the wee hours. Were YOU on the Graveyard shift in ours at that hour, and was it your turn to administer my 'punishment?'
I'd been up by 5am just before a wave of the Backfire frequency had hit me, followed smartly by an unpleasant pinch to the lower back, and it's obvious the goondas mean business..
To those of you who constantly exhort us to sing only of light, love and laughter, and to ignore the wickedness that's rife among the quantum ranks, I have alas, felt the repugnance and impatience, and yes - the sheer vitriol given off by those whose Cloaks of Respectability would otherwise be impeccable *waves to the young Beauty and the Snake... There's nothing that brings out your self-righteous rage so much as those you perceive to be confirmed idiots, giving voice to their opinions? You would have us lesser mortals believe that good will always triumph over evil, and that by ignoring the foul methods being used to enslave the population, there's a chance we'll be allowed to survive? *chokes...
The New Age quantum Army will bring about a better life for all? Dare I ask for your definition of 'all?' Those mostly older folk who speak out against the corrupt will be picked off with ease, with the aid of this astoundingly advanced surveillance technology, and the rest will continue to provide fodder for this ghastly global culling experiment. A better life for some, perhaps.
Hidden Networks, Janneman? How many to an average suburb? Just the one Sherwood Network, and a separate one for Sydenham?
He'd been buying me a book on Amazon the other day, and neither of us had been aware that the Connect to the Internet option was activated on my Kindle. Our faces must have been a study as that purchase flew magically into my device without having to plug it in to the computer as we usually do. Hau!
The GameWrecker had called me over a day or so later to show me my Excellent Neighbour's phone number on his cellphone screen, and how it now showed the words Hidden Network below the name.
Hardly a surprise as you know, and it changes nothing. Sadly, damage control had arrived a tad late to attempt to muddy those waters.
I'm currently doing a run-off for the Cause, and a myriad different species of birds fly happily in and out of the spray from the garden sprinkler. It's 6.55am and the new pup down the way has just announced itself.
Is our Akay a dog lover, or could it be that the DRC tenants at No. 2 have acquired themselves another animal? We'll wait and see, shall we?
Have a great day...
LATER at 7.59pm
The power went off a few hours later than scheduled, at 10.15am. Five minutes later that nifty little white chopper had begun a series of enormous circles into Sydenham and then back down towards the base station at UKZN. At 2.25pm the power came back on, along with a savage pinch to my side and the Backfire frequency.
I'd been online and sending out the Sector Policing forum Minutes, when off it went again at 2.55pm. Games, Agent Balliram? Frederick? The sort of nonsense that can do terminal mischief to some of the more expensive appliances.
It was back on again by 3.15pm to stay, although booting up the computer to finish the mailing job was not an option I was given. Instead I got the Error 718 'Remote computer didn't respond in a timely manner', and I shut down and went away until now.
Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 8.06pm.