Sunday, September 21, 2014

(begun Thursday 18th September at 7.45am)

It would appear that we had a wall-hopper overnight, who was sent specifically to tamper with our kitchen security gate lock. It seems to have been successful, and none of us are now going to get in or out of the house in a hurry, as all three keys now function erratically, if at all. Clever?

The GameWrecker left earlier to take the Polo up to Alpine in Pinetown for it's regular service, and I'm to head out once Penny arrives, and has finished the noisy vacuuming. I've done the best I could, under these dodgy circumstances, and have sent texts to my Excellent Neighbour, my Station Commander, my Vice Chair, and the excellent SAPs Captain, telling them of the corruption to our gate lock. Hopefully those texts will not be intercepted and blocked, but who knows? It's quite possible that this latest bit of blatant chicanery is designed to do no more than unsettle, for today at least.
It's most certainly a useful ploy, and has increased our vulnerability by a mile.

Friday 19th September at 5.35am
That was a flat white, if ever I saw one. A flat white glare of what? Hatred? Anger? She's diabetic? Then WTF is she doing up there? Another martyr to the Cause? Pissed off that I'd included her Chief Exec in my texts earlier yesterday morning? Sheesh! Even I can't predict how I'm going to react to the endless mischief you all appear to condone.. Ja, admittedly I'd gone a tad overboard with the gate lock thing, but it was Thursday and I'd a busier than usual schedule and no patience for that crap. In retrospect, I did okay, although I was never to be the main target du jeur, was I?

By the time I'd been on my solo trip to the shops after 9am, I was easily distracted by the copious doses of the watered-down version of the Fiddler's frequency that was flooding into my car, and when I'd reached the Westville Civic centre intersection I'd been laughing out loud and talking dirty to my Trackers... #passthebucket.
I'd been oblivious to the fact that my old man was to be the Tracker's prime target for the day, and that they were concentrating their viciousness on him up at Alpine Motors, and not restricting their efforts to his leg, either.
You want I should give those lower-than-low theatrics employed by Craig at the Service desk some credit? You know my spouse personally, and feel he deserved that bit of additional nonsensical stress? #barfs
Later on, once I'd joined my old man at Sanlam Centre and had heard his tale of woe, you'd have thought the penny would've dropped immediately. If it had, this self-serving cow had ignored it, and had continued to enjoy the mild attention being paid to her nethers, while my better half was taking relentless hits to his leg.

Is my Owner at No. 6 the sole instigator of this latest savagery? Or do I smell the presence of the equally sadistic and diminutive telecom's Strategist, Jannie van Zyl?
If this is so, my tormentors could earn themselves some additional brownie points by reporting on the success of the ongoing remote assaults to my ear, jaw, and neck, when I'm seated in either my TV chair or in my bed. Seems that they're the only two areas in the house where the quantum 'Guardians' can concentrate on that designated spot, and I've been waking in the wee hours for over a month now, to find my jaw and ear aching badly.
For all the futility of my whines, I nonetheless wish it noted that ek maak mos sterk beswaar at this latest cowardly inclusion of the GameWrecker to these cruel games, and to the weeks of attacks directed at the lymphglands in my neck and jaw.

We are an isolated case of demonstration models, rigged up to show the ease with which individuals may be controlled by the combined use of the quantum technology and the absolute blind fealty displayed by the ever-growing ranks of quantum recruits? Bullshit. We are just two examples of the hundreds randomly chosen to suffer in similar fashion for this inglorious New Age Cause.
Will YOUR name pop up on someone's target list anytime soon, or do you regard yourself as a part of the so-called Elite, and as such, exempt from the terror tactics?
You might just want to review your thinking. Peace.

Friday 19th September 2014 at 8.00am.