Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Terror tactics?
(begun Wednesday 17th September at 10.10am)

How'd they wangle it to set up Cheryl Johnson's hubby like that? Had he woken one morning some months ago to find his car battery had inexplicably died overnight, or his onboard aircon unit was playing up, forcing him to book it in to the Agents? An Agent where, just like Alpine, there are Project droogs employed to wire up specific vehicles with signal boosters to aid the Government hired trackers. When Robert had collected his car, had he noticed anything different?
Unlikely as that is, it's possible the aircon unit was leaking out underneath, just like my old man's Polo? Alternatively, had the Project-friendly mechanic tampered with the four tiny coil-connector thingies to the sparkplugs, as has already been done on three separate occasions to the GameWrecker's car, causing it to cut out at any point chosen by his Trackers, through the use of a remote signal sent to the onboard computer?

Inventing this as I go along? You think? Messrs. Johnson and Dunkley are managing to make things fairly uncomfortable for the seriously corrupt at City Hall, whether they know it or not, and it goes without saying these criminals have the means to arrange for all manner of reprisals, thanks to Sutcliffe's Smart City quantum technology.

Who was in the Airwing offices at Louis Botha at the moment Mr. Johnson drove by, heading homeward? Someone sufficiently skilled to hit that vehicle remotely at precisely the right moment, hard enough to kill the engine without any warning? Were the four 'schoolboys' included in that display of terror tactics? Positioned there so they could reach Johnson's car at a quick sprint ? Was it sheer coincidence that the battery was gone and the car vandalised by the time the owner returned, ensuring there'd be no way of ascertaining the reason for the sudden engine failure?

Is there indeed a Smart City quantum Project-compatible wireless/laser station down at Louis Botha, and who exactly was it that had arranged for the frighteners to be employed against the Architect? More imaginitive bullshit? Really, Mistuh Sutcliffe? Should I ask your good friend Ms Allopi whether she perhaps has answers for us?
At the time of the incident, had the HAARP representative scuttled over to watch the carefully timed fun and games as well? They surely must take breaks in between engineering some of the oddest weather Durban has ever seen? Do they employ the ELF tower at Louis Botha, as I'd speculated, or has that branch of the Dark Arts advanced to the point where the tower's inclusion is no longer necessary?

And last but not least - how's the Johnson's general health these days? It's one thing for the Project affiliated criminals to arrange for home invasions or vehicle breakdowns, but a tame Project Area Controller ensconced in the vicinity of those worthy people's home and business premises, will have been tasked to go to work on their immune systems with a vengeance. Are those good people feeling the physical effects of their fluctuating power supplies yet? If anything, I tend to play down this monstrous operation and the horrific options afforded the criminal element by this astounding technology, for I have no wish to terrify you, merely to alert you.

Wednesday 17th September 2014 at 1.26pm.