Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Natural disasters?
(begun Tuesday 16th September at 6.15am)

*Update at 3.12pm Tuesday: The GameWrecker has just called to say the scan he had done earlier today has come back showing no sign of a possible thrombosis.*
*Remind me to tell you sometime how at one point in the early hours of this morning I found myself air-whistling Sarie Marais. Meanwhile...
He'd sent me a text from the surgery yesterday afternoon to say the doc had speculated that the pain in his thigh could be some sort of muscle strain. I'd snorted in disbelief, and had said as much.
It was only later, once he was home, that he'd let the word drop. Thrombosis? Damnation! How could I have missed it? Another easy-to-achieve could-be-killer, brought to you courtesy of your diligent laser warriors, and one that I'd overlooked.
Would it take just one of our New Age heroes to repeatedly target that specific area on my old man's leg, presumably while he slept, to achieve that much damage, or were there more of them involved? He now says that the pain had hit him on Friday afternoon without warning. Checking my logs I find that at 6.15am that very same Friday, I'd noted that Someone had been jabbing away at my leg since 5am. Sheer coincidence? Pfft..

Frederick? Were you on the shifts that involved this particular piece of malice, or had you and Agent Balliram arranged that your monkey's would carry out the assaults, leaving the two of you supposedly innocent? Kindly save your pseudo-outrage for somebody who'll buy it. The GameWrecker is now on powerful pain medication that he tells me, (according to the blurb), could cause him to feel suicidal, amongst a variety of other side-effects. Should I call her at No. 17 later on and ask whether she too was put on similar medication the week before? Should I? #snarls..

Has the elusive Missus Karma finally tapped gently on the door of the sadistic Spook at No 6, and woken him to the fact that he is not after all, omnipotent or immortal? Why else would I have seen him a fortnight ago, practising his cycle- riding skills around his own front deck? Why else would he have been kitted out in an eye-watering lumo-lime safety vest, loading what appeared to be a 25-gear bicycle onto the back of the V8 bakkie yesterday at around 5pm, before heading out into the fast falling dusk?
Exercise is the key to escaping at least some of the deadly fallout from this 'non-lethal' and 'perfectly safe' quantum technology, or at least that's what the quantum Recruits are being led to believe, poor suckers..

Squeamish? Then leave the page now, for I wish to talk about the self-generated squamous-cell abomination that spreads between my shoulder blades.
At a wild guess I'd say it was probably four or five months ago when that unsightly horror had appeared to dry up, after years of horrific easy-to-reach target practise by Agent Balliram and his pupils, and the constant flames on my back had diminished to the point where I was taking just the occasional vicious laser jabs during the day or night.
We'd been out in the heavily monitored Polo one Thursday a few weeks back, when I'd cheerfully mentioned to my better half that I no longer needed to submerge twice daily in the bath, and that my once soaked dressings were staying almost pristine, even after a day. Happiness.

Were YOU on Tracker duty that day? Did you discuss my remarks later on, and decide that that particular miracle didn't suit your agenda at all? And so it was, that after a couple of months of relief from the tooth-grinding assaults made directly to my cancer, the focus has been re-introduced with a will, and I sit here now with a freshly opened and raw wound, seeping into my dressing.
Who would deliberately do such a thing to a fellow human being? Silly question.
Another matter that I'm going to have to raise, is that of sexual deviancy, and just who and how many of the fine upstanding quantum 'Guardians' would fall neatly into this category. At present I'm still struggling to find the right words to fit this topic, but I'll ask for help and maybe get lucky.

LATER at 7am
The GameWrecker has just tottered out from his bed to say that his supposedly knock-out pain meds had done absolutely nothing to alleviate his extreme discomfort overnight. Are you surprised? Been in a similar position lately?
What are they running down your end?
Vertigo? Nausea? Stabbing pains to your wrists and hands? Blinding headaches and double-vision? The uncontrollable spasmodic barking that can have you gagging up whatever you were just eating?
Waves of heat engulf you in certain areas of your home, for no apparent reason?

Ugly thoughts, Missus V? Thoughts that should be kept hidden in my grubby mind? You're sharper than average, Madam, and either you're in total denial, or your quantum Project connections have chosen not to share the full horror of this inhumane culling exercise with you. I'd have to guess that both your children have already been sacrificed at the altar of this Monstrous Lie, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that they avoid the clutches of the many deviants in charge..

Tuesday 16th September 2014 at 8.36am.