Saturday, September 06, 2014

Sign of the times?
(begun Tuesday 2nd September at 6.25am)

To those of you who've been brave enough to treat me with kindness on Facebook, and who live somewhere in the Zone (Clare Estate, Asherville, Reservoir Hills, Sydenham or Sherwood), I would ask whether your sleep patterns have changed at all over the past few months? Any unusual headaches? Tummy problems arrived out of the blue? Dry, spasmodic coughing, or odd jabs of pain to your joints?
Have you noticed your houselights dipping occasionally of an evening, and you've had an increasing amount of wrong number calls to both your landline and cellphone?

You'd like to know more about the Smart City quantum laser/wireless surveillance Project, but don't know who to ask? Hey, if you're Friends with our Speaker for Council, Logie Naidoo, you could always try your luck in that direction, as his own children will by now have passed the initiation rites of hacking, that are necessary to becoming a quantum Project recruit.
It saddens me to think that fine gentleman may resort to rolling his eyes at your questions, and insist that I'm a raving loon, and to pay me no mind.

A response that would've been par for the course a few years back, but that surely by now has been scrapped? After all, the quantum technology is rigged to YOUR streetlight pole and your privacy is no more, so why the continued need for secrecy by the authorities? Why would Logie not admit openly that yes, your neighbours or their young adolescent offspring are likely hopping invisibly into your homes on a regular basis? The tricky part will of course be convincing you that this is in any way a good thing, but depending on your own gullibility and lack of imagination, there's always a chance you'll buy the rubbish being spouted in the name of the Blessed Project.

I was jerked from my slumbers at 12.45am this morning by a vicious application of the Carey Colon frequency which had lasted until 1.15am, by which time I'd been driven to send an SOS text to Tamara, Alison, and Val. Something I've not had to resort to, for a considerable time. I was subsequently permitted to sleep until 3.15am, when Someone had seen fit to set my hand ablaze with gusto. I'd left my bed and had spent time on Facebook until 5am, when I'd finally headed back to the Sacrificial Altar. Fifteen minutes later and a weird 'block' of icy cold 'air' had hit my feet and calves, despite the two thick blankets and thick woollen socks I wore. I'd pulled a heavy pillow over my feet, at which point my cancer had been ignited and the unpleasant pinch to the top of my leg had kicked in... Serious bullying by any standards. Why?

I sit back and watch on Facebook at the rabid howls of 'savages!' and 'monkeys!' that fill so many of the walls, and I marvel at your double-standards, I really do. The brutality taking place over the airwaves is no less savage than that happening out in the Real World, whether you choose to believe the lies that it's Virtual, or not. You would be deluding yourselves seriously, to trust that your beloved offspring would admit to any such cruel activities during their forays into the neighbour's homes. They will not speak of it. They will be brainwashed early on to avoid adding to your already stressed lives, and encouraged to keep their operations to themselves and their quantum peers.

LATER at 7.40am

Our top-of-the-range Cracker and Project Area Controller has done with his musical cars for the moment at least. His destination this morning? To huddle with the Communications Officer up at Sydenham SAPS, in an effort to cover up their latest cock-ups? Straight over to the Wireless Station on Ridge Road to carry out a contract over the airwaves on some poor unsuspecting victim, who's been deemed an irritant, and is therefore expendible?
Keep up folks, FFS keep up.

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 at 8.26am.