Saturday, September 06, 2014

My Betters.
(begun Monday 1st September at 12.25pm)

Did you actually take the time to read that article she'd found and posted on my wall? It took too long to load, so you gave up and moved on to less unpleasant things? Well bully for you.
Speaking of which, am I the only eejit who mourns the loss of the concept of Harrison Ford, Will Smith, or Tommy Lee Jones being the epitome of Good fighting evil in the form of CIA Agents?

Turns out that today's breed of Intelligence Officer is a far cry from the nonsense we've been fed, and that cowardice and the ability to cause maximum pain and destruction without being caught, are now the traits most highly prized by the crooked in Governments around the world.
Don't generalise? Can you give me a plausible reason why I shouldn't? Maybe back in 1998 our good old Prof. Stefanus Roux could get away with insisting his quantum laser 'communications' system was perfectly safe, but to imply that today's upgraded and perfected version is non-lethal, has to rank as the whopper of the century.

If it's so deadly, why am I allowed to continue yapping on endlessly? It's not rocket science, folks. I am and shall remain an insignificant Dimwit with an opinion on just about everything, and my only claim to fame is the snide enjoyment my Tormentors obtain from my futile attempts to sound the alarm. I'm a silly goose that is way past laying any form of egg, gold or otherwise, and as such my Torturers will continue unabated, while you roll your eyes and shake your heads at my incomprehensible babbling. Voices in my head? Spare me. Something that by 1998 would've been a simple matter to achieve using wireless technology, but would never have worked on me, as I simply would've fallen about shrieking with delighted mirth. Bear in mind that there will be people in every province, beating worn paths to their GP's doors in an effort to discover what is causing them all manner of pain, and that while some may be helped, for the most part they are set to continue enduring indefinitely the assaults carried out over their powerlines by the pods of bored quantum Monitors in their neighbourhoods.

Like I said, he only ever tried it the once as I sat here at the PC, but his voice is easily recognizable and he's not tried it since..
Which of my nearby Betters had seen fit to concentrate on my jaw, neck, and ear area for the entire evening last night, as I sat watching the telly? And which of these quantum laser Intellectuals had swopped that delight this morning, to instead set my cancer alight with the BackFire special?
I'm a confirmed grumbler and I speak aloud incessently to my Tormentors, (drives you NUTS, doesn't it?) so were they to intimate they have no way of judging the effect of the levels they're aiming at me, it would be a further fabrication in their litany of lies.

Even my vivid imagination is stumped by Jacob's recent visit to Vladimir. Does he hope that Putin's quantum laser research scientists have come up with some sort of Kevlar armour that will repel any further laser assaults to his heart?
Has our President been told that his very life now hangs by a thread, and that he should do EXACTLY as he's told, and he will be spared to enjoy Nkandhla for years to come?
The Russians? Haibo, I got that one wrong did I not? I was going for Deutchland and Cobalt as quite possibly being the initiator of this near-alien means of controlling the world's population...

My dear Vice Chair has been laid low by what appears to be a repeat of the Throat Choker frequency that had him hospitalised for tests a couple of years back. Were he to have his blood tested, would there once again be a problem with his white blood cell count, or has that gap been closed by a useful contact installed at the Blood work Lab? Any ideas, Laz?

Monday 1st September 2014 at 3.01pm