Saturday, September 06, 2014

Riding the wind..
(begun Wednesday 3rd September at 4.50am)

It's not like I'm giving away any company/state secrets, now is it? Staggering along in the rear with my wild guesses, never sure whether I've swallowed deliberate misinformation or not, and sometimes seeing Spooks where there are none..
Still and all, I find the arrival of those two palefaces somewhat odd to say the least. One of them had moved into Royce Love's old house up behind the Moth Cottages, and the other, more recently, into the house on the corner of Locksley and Abrey Road.. So what?

It niggles that both claim to have their own security companies and yet they don't appear to be touting for business in any way, and I've yet to see a vehicle with a logo that might be theirs. Who are these two presumably middle-aged blokes really, and what do they do on the QT? Neither property could be referred to as up-market, and Sean, who's on a rise with what must be LOS to everything the quantum Project Authors hold dear, must surely be taking a physical battering by now. If not, I'd dearly like to know the secret of his resistance to the blanket of wireless frequencies being born through the air by Roux's ultra-short laser beams..

Did you ever get to try that simple exercise? Set your flashgun off out in the dark and watch the air around it closely? You see that dense cloud of gold dust? Perfectly safe, insist the Physics Boffs, and who the heck am I to argue, except that is it just me, or does it seem like every other person you know is down with something or other, and if it's not an aneurism, or heart attack, it's the wireless flu or the hacking cough that goes with it?
Do Sean and Nige have access to some cunning and carefully guarded protection from this deadly weaponry, or have they just been incredibly lucky to have dodged the bullet so far?
What's their role in this ghastly game of subterfuge and lies?

Do they both liaise with the quantum Agents huddled up at Sydenham SAPS, or do they consider themselves to be on some sort of Good Team? Course our Einstein at No. 6 will have all these answers. There probably isn't a single house here in Sherwood or Sydenham that he hasn't invaded invisibly, or a family he hasn't eavesdropped on, in the name of the Glorious Project. C'mon Crackerjack, give us a clue here?
Are these two fine fellows somehow connected to the SANDF, or to Brit Intelligence or the CIA?

LATER at 5.25am

You've got to smile. I'm sitting here in the dark at my desk with my second coffee and my carefully timed 2nd ciggie of the day, (and ja, I've not fallen off that wagon yet) and I'm WILLING my quantum Shift Monitor to hop on into my head and try collecting my thoughts. Some of which are, as you may imagine, unprintable. Almost immediately that odd popping candy crackle kicks in to one of my ears. And ja - I figure if anyone has actually mastered the art of accessing my scrambled head, it wouldn't be either of the two Head Honcho airwave thuggees, but rather Someone who has shown a remarkable aptitude for operating this astonishingly advanced surveillance technology over the last few years.. An aptitude that may have left our two official spooks in the dust.

Akay at No. 4? Not my first choice, although the chances are fairly high that he too is an ex-Sentech employee, and a highly qualified Radio Frequency Engineer to boot. Nope, I'm going to stick with my first pick, despite there's no way I'll ever get to have it confirmed. You take care out there.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 at 11.11am.