Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Now 8.31am. See now, I'll insist that I place no store by dreams, and that I can retrace pretty much every dream I have to something either read about, seen on the TV, or that occurred during the day. 
Nonetheless, I often dream of flying, and this morning I finally googled it and was, to say the least, pretty chuffed. I clicked on the first link of the results and it was all good.

Nope, I never bump into obstacles while I'm flying, and I never go higher than the roof/ceiling inside of some ginormous warehouse/cathedral type building, if I'm indoors during the dream. I fly beautifully without any sort of wings, and I can cruise along just above ground level at speed. As much as I like the idea of flying among the clouds, I have no desire to try at the time, and the people in my dreams seem to take it for granted and carry on about their business, even though they look up and see me, and it's always a happy vibe.. Have a great day julle....