Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The lies that bind.
(begun Monday 8th September at 9.10am)

It's a shame that most of the words I scribble in my updates are lost in translation, but it is what it is. I'd aver that most of you seldom bother to go beyond the title, as my subject matter hardly makes for pleasant reading. In fact, my timeline revealed that one of you had gone so far as to post an oblique reference to 'ugly thoughts' which, considering the poster is up to her neck in the quantum Project, was somewhat of a nasty little joke.

Why am I what the microwave Boffin's latest link refers to as a Targeted Individual? I've been over that more times than I can remember, and there are several factors involved. The topography of the area was considered perfect for the quantum Project trials, with St. Theresa's home providing a mini base station, the giant overheads down by the Freeway, and the cellmast across the road in Mayville.
Add to that the fact that the quantum Project's Marketing and Promotions Manager for this area, 'Earl' Michael Barnabas, had already acquired a useful number of properties nearby that could be rigged up as control bases, and we were sitting ducks.

The first batch of quantum laser students would've been chosen carefully, and had included at least one of our ex-Ward Councillor's cousin's children, No. 16's fine sons, and, judging by the enormous display of lights on the Paramedic's street-facing boundary wall, at least one candidate from that address as well.
Kasim's bookkeeper son down at No. 2 was also recruited eventually, and you're all aware that our Freddie at No. 12 has been in on it from the start. I don't wish to speak of No.10 today.
It certainly wasn't only our address that was targeted back then, as No's 4, 5 and 17 appeared to suffer the same symptoms as I did from the getgo. Something that may have proven a tad awkward had we all raised our voices in protest together. (As if, pfftt..)

That gap was closed once my friends at No. 4 had relocated to Marburg, and young Zane at No. 5 was himself recruited, ensuring there'd be silence from that quarter. (The lies that bind, hey kiddo?) They added those 2 signal enhancing lights to No. 17's garage, and the tenants dutifully run them when ordered to. All good, and of course leaving our home high and dry, as the single official Learning Hub for the ever-growing number of students to invade in order to practise their laser skills.
So no - I wasn't singled out initially for my often unpleasant nature and my proclivity to gossip, as I'd thought throughout those early hellish years. It was merely circumstance that has us now literally the last gits standing..

LATER at 10.15am
Earlier this morning my dear spouse had hauled out the dictionary to once again pedantically read out the definition of paranoia for my benefit. Despite having been retired for about four years, the skullduggery going on in ours passes right over his head, although he beats a regular path to the GP with all manner of peculiar ailments, and is currently on meds for his 'vertigo'. My Master at No. 6 has seen fit to re-hijack the GameWrecker's cellphone with the same scam he initiated last year. A scam whereby my old man's Polo has somehow found it's way onto a website, for sale at a ridiculous price, ensuring that he gets enquiry calls at all hours of the day and night.
I suggested he put the details of the scam on his Facebook page and ask for assistance, but unlike yours truly, he doesn't believe that a problem shared is ultimately halved, and he'll continue to grumble as those calls come in at inopportune moments #unimpressedbythespook


Monday 8th September 2014 at 11.14