Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Now Wednesday at 4.18pm. 

Hmm.. A page just popped out of the blue saying I've gone incognito on Facebook. WTF is this? Not something I would want to do deliberately. My monkey controllers playing more bullying games perhaps?

For the 4th day in a row our iBurst signal fluctuates between one bar and three of the five that should be running. I called the charming Hilary at Tradepage in Pinetown and she spoke to Bruce Poole and then called me back to say he 'thinks' there's a problem with a cellmast.
I'm now wondering whether this nonsense is in anyway connected to the messaged reply I got from the Telkom Facebook page controller the day before:

"Hi, Jane. Really hope we can impress with this upgrade. It sounds like you've had it, and this is the make it or break it point. Planned maintenance is scheduled to cutover customers to the ISAM (next generation network equipment). In my experience with supporting customers after a cutover, there are some issues that might need to be ironed out. Techs will monitor for 7 days before giving the ok that service is working correctly. I'm not saying this will happen though, I'm crossing my fingers. Have a great day further. ^TL"

What does Telkom have to do with our iBurst Internet Connection? Why I would guess pretty much everything, hey Mr. van Zyl? #winksatJannemanTelkom's nice cosy deal with our service providers allowing tradepage customers privacy to be breached without their knowledge? On whose behalf? State Security? The days of warrants are long gone are they not? How does Mr. Halliday feel about this? Any ideas? Does he sleep like a babe at night, knowing the corruption he's participating in? Just asking.