Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gag reflex..
(begun Saturday 14th September at 9.15am)

A nasty piece of work? Sheesh! I'll take that from whence it comes, if you don't mind, although when I drape myself in my Cloak of Righteousness for a finger-pointing rant, you could be forgiven for losing your lunch.
There was a time not long ago when I could almost hear your gag reflex when I dared to post on your threads, so you'll maybe understand my curiosity at your recent and startling change in strategy.
Thinking for yourself maybe?
Coming to the slow conclusion that perhaps I'm not all that some of your colleagues would have you believe? As much as I wish that were so, I'm going to leave it lying in my fantasy box for the minute, and carry on speculating as to why so many apparently Good people are behaving so badly.

Anyone care to tell me why I was woken at 3.30am this morning with a really mean ache running down the side of my leg? Why the GameWrecker had staggered out of bed a few hours later, limping badly, and claiming that he had a nasty cramp in his thigh that wouldn't go away?
Don't take it personally? You simply don't gettit, do you?
Why my gorge rises at your santimonious 'You get to choose whether you're on the Good Team or on the Bad Team?'

You're well aware (or you should be by now) that both your counterpart Lazzie and my own Nemesis Agent Collin P. Balliram have a foot comfortably in both camps, and that their skills at subterfuge and mischief are embraced by those Bigwigs running this ghastly show, and yet you'd still have us believe there's a difference between Good and Bad?
Back in the day, ja sure - But the lines have been deliberately blurred over the past decade, to the extent that the majority of quantum laser recruits now appear unable to tell the difference between good and bad, and collectively revel in their target's misery. Don't generalise, Jane? Pfft...

Will your beautiful and promising young sons and daughters turn away in dismay as their fellow laser warriors nail a stray dog or cat out on the streets and send it fleeing in abject terror, or will they choose to believe the brainwashing that this technology they employ is indeed non-lethal and perfectly safe? That the animal's fear is merely Virtual, and that makes it okay?
Awkward questions?
Questions that have offended your sensibilities to the point where you've backed away from me with eyewatering speed, and I'm betting there's more to your caution than my perceived negativity. My dear Vice Chair perhaps? He's the fly in the ointment? Ahh, the things we do for our children..

Sunday 14th September at 5.25am

Someone close by is trying hard to send my writing hand back to sleep. Just the usual first two fingers and thumb. They'd woken me at 3.55am with that charmer, and the old man had been tossing and turning as well. The kids are down for a visit, so my football field of a bed is rather more cramped than usual, and our Shift Controller is taking full advantage of it.

It had been after 2pm the Thursday before last, and I'd been climbing the stairs at Penny's heels to let her out of the chained top gates, at the end of her day's work. We'd reached the final flight of steps when she'd sudden cried out and clutched at her leg, and I'd waited until her pain subsided before we made it to the top. Someone had nailed her with the lasers right there on the stairs, but I'd duly forgotten about it until this Thursday, when the exact same scenario had played out.
The same step at more or less the same time, and the pain had hit her in the leg again.

Care to explain to me all these remarkable coincidences? No 17's legs giving her hell? My maid being hit in the leg for two Thursdays in a row? My own extreme discomfort, logged in the early hours of yesterday morning, and now my old man hobbling about since he rose yesterday morning with a cramp-like pain in his thigh? There's a plausible answer for all this sorcery, and it's nothing whatsoever to do with the quantum laser/wireless technology that fills our home, and others on this stretch?
Humbug! These cruel 'experiments' are being carried out on innocents wherever the quantum laser recruit pods have been set up, and that is right across the country.

What exactly is it that has your friends and acquaintances going down like 9-pins with aneurisms, strokes, heart attacks, hip and knee replacements, early-onset arthritis, Alzheimers, and the like? GM'd foods? Lifestyles? Stress? Certainly nothing to do with the perfectly safe, non-lethal, new-generation technology that fills the air in carefully created funnels, or the dramatic changes caused to your power feeds when your neighbours leap invisibly into the privacy of your home? REALLY?

Savour each day while you can, and may your denial keep you safe from any fallout. Peace..

Sunday 14th September 2014 at 7am.