Saturday, August 30, 2014

Second time lucky?
(begun Friday 29th August at 5.55am)

*Typed out this morning's update only to lose it seconds before publishing.. Bully alert perchance?*
He lives within yards of the cellmast on Cullingworth Road, in what the telecom'sStrategist Jannie van Zyl is wont to describe as some sort of 'safe' zone. I'd heard he hadn't been well, so I'd asked the GameWrecker to pull in on our way out of Sherwood yesterday.
We'd chatted for a while and you'll have to forgive me for coming away more determined than ever that the Hall Caretaker has been nuked to within an inch of his life. He thinks he has some form of shingles, and although he's seeing a Specialist, it doesn't sound as though that academic is able to form a concrete diagnosis either.

Blisters all down his scalp and one side of his face? Vision so bad in both eyes that he could barely see, and feeling as sick as a dog? Shingles? Adult chickenpox? HUMBUG!!!
I'd need to sit down with him and build a timeline to see exactly how this was achieved, but you can guarantee that after the years spent living at the foot of that mast, his immune system is shot to hell and back, and when they finally went after him, those horrific symptoms would've been a doddle to achieve. Tellus again if you would - quantum GUARDIANS? PROTECTORS? Pfft..

Small wonder that Shunnon Tulsiram was unable/unwilling to give my Vice Chair answers to his question on when the authorities anticipated the completion of the quantum Project. A few days back I'd seen a porta-light dancing in the bushes over by St. Theresa's playing field, and shortly before daybreak this morning at 5.52am, there'd been a couple of those powerful lights bobbing about in the bushes below the nunnery/senior boys hostel, before they vanished.
That was how it had all begun almost a decade earlier, was it not?
As I used to watch those lights being carried about in the dead of night by the GateKeeper droogs, as they assisted my Area Controller to obtain direct line of sight for the Blessed Signals..?
Nothing has changed much over the past ten years in this once devout suburb, apart from the sheer numbers recruited to the neighbour spying upon neighbour system, and their indoctrination to the Lying Game.

I am of course, back in the dog box. Possibly due to my cheek at having posted on the Blue Security Facebook wall of our recurring problems with our 'upgraded' panic alarm devices.
Is there any point in repeating just how vulnerable each and every one of you are, despite that you may have spent thousands on a state of the art security system and armed response? When your device's signal may be intercepted and blocked with ease by a quantum recruit, or your batteries corrupted by a remote tweak? No, there isn't.

Instead, may I suggest that you light up your face with gladness at each day that you're permitted to continue about your business, seemingly free. For it would appear that all the main players, including Zille, Zuma, and probably even our Ju-ju, have come to agree with George Soros that absolute control of the SA population is the only way forward, and we are all the instruments they are using to attain their goal.

Friday 29th August 2014 at 9.21am