Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making the best of it..
(begun Wednesday 10th September at 11.20pm)

How's the old lady bearing up at No. 17? I see that Agent Balliram has them running their lounge ceiling light at that eerie, dumbed-down level, the same as the one on the Controller's own wall, just yards from where I'm sitting now, and if the effects achieved by the Spook next door with that particular frequency are anything to go by, I'd be surprised were she not feeling rather less than chipper.
Hey - just toss her another Myprodol and remind her that it's all for a noble Cause?
It was her legs a couple of weeks back, not so? The poor woman actually resorted to visiting her GP they were that bad, but I doubt there was much he could do for her at all.. Same old...

This fantabulous, perfectly safe, non-lethal technology is culling the middle-aged and elderly like flies drowning in a honey-trap. All this, while some of the best minds in the country have been driven selectively blind by the dazzling power this quantum technology affords them. Their collective conscience hit by some sort of stun gun effect into disuse, as their every waking hour is consumed by the possibilities within their grasp.

Which of the Electricity Department Security Division's quantum Project contractors were sent in to vandalise the latest sub-station over in the Glendwood/Umbilo area? SE Electrical? City Lightz? Howards? More and more of them are now kitted out in the ubiquitous red or blue suits, and if a resident had stopped and queried their presence at that structure they'd simply have been reassured that maintenance was being carried out. Coming up with the idea of the eThekwini blue overalls and now the red, was worthy of a bonus to the Project Planner who initially came up with it. A special team sat round a table once a week, Mr. Spence? To figure out which suburb requires "cable theft" to be carried out, in order to allow your crews to perform the necessary adjustments, and to recoup at least some of the losses caused by the necessity of so many lights remaining active 24/7?

Who was it that issued the order to further corrupt this insignificant labrat's iBurst signal four days ago? Another genius idea devised by Einstein at No. 6 himself, or did the vodacom Strategist Jannie van Zyl have a part in it? Delusional to consider that I may have that little man's full attention at last?
Unlikely as that is, it's a pleasant enough fantasy for the moment, and I am most certainly being censored via the deliberate and easily achieved corruption to our paid-for internet service. You had no idea your trusting customers would be bullied in this fashion, once you'd signed the deal with Telkom, Mr. Halliday?

Friday 12th September at 6.25am

There'd been an Inbox message waiting for me when I'd logged onto Facebook early Monday morning. From our landscaper Vincent, to say he'd lost all his stuff in the fire at the Palmiet Settlement on Saturday night.
WhyTF would they do that? He's a quantum Project man, and has been since way before the penny had dropped in this Idiot's head, so why would they destroy all his hard-earned possessions? Will he be re-homed in a laser-friendly zinc-sheeted sardine can to continue with his monitoring activities that side, and will he be reimbursed for his losses in any way? Bastards.

My little housekeeper is also under constant fire from the quantum bullies, and she'd arrived at work yesterday to say that she is now constantly feeling hot and cold, and that she was enduring dizzy spells. A variation of the 'vertigo' frquency that currently besets the GameWrecker? I've no doubt that Penny has a pre-paid electricity meter in her rented home up in Clermont, and that there's a streetlight nearby that's adorned with one of Telkom's white wireless boxes. Add to that the fact that she and her daughters each have a cellphone, and they're easy prey for the airwave thugs to torment.

I've been sat out on the veranda and have said good morning to the sun as it rose behind the avo tree, and I'm off to check the extent of the corruption to our iBurst signal this morning. Don't worry, be happy.

LATER at 7.26am. A quick update. I logged on without a hitch at 6.46am. Hopped into Facebook and then attempted to collect a couple of pictures from google Images. Something that's proven to be ridiculously easy, even for this technophobe. Not so this morning. The two pics I fetched cannot be found in my Pictures folders, nor in my Downloads, despite that I've checked repeatedly. Is that the best my controllers can come up with this morning? Is this ongoing petty mischief the means they intend using to bring peace to the world? #chokes..

Friday 12th September 2014 at 7.39am. Edit at 8.55am. With a bit of assistance from my long-suffering spouse, I discovered that for some reason my downloaded images are now going into the My Documents file. The tiniest of corrupt tweaks and I'm flummoxed as always. Problem solved.