Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thin ice..
(begun Tuesday 19th August at 7.15am)

(I've just successfully added 7 photos at the foot of this update. Are you able to see all of them? If not, why not?)

The GameWrecker tells me they were unpacking new stocks of the mixed chicken food onto the shelves at Knowles when he'd been in to buy this week's bag.. Whatever they've added to this lot, has the bees back on the bird tray and going nuts.. I tried to take a pic but the Panasonic doesn't do it justice.
What is it that has them behaving like this? Don't tell me it's the weather, as it's not, and it's most definitely something in the mealies that hasn't been there for months.

I've just been up and taken a picture of the big fat pipe that now adorns the boundary wall between Freddie and the Plumber at No. 14, and I guess that was fitted a couple of weeks back when I'd seen a wekker digging a big trench down the Accountant's verge. Are my Excellent Neighbour's troubles with their water/sewage lines to be a thing of the past? Will our Fred be taking responsibility for the runoffs that are necessary, from now on? Surging the pipe at the foot of No. 11's retainer wall on Saturday was an excellent start, and would've cleared out thousands of litres before it was finally turned off.

I was busy calling the water Fault line when the GameWrecker had actually asked me why I care.. Pretty scary, huh? It's no good me trying to tell him that it's the lies that offend me so.. The constant allegations that the water wastage is due to a lack of maintenance or theft, when McLeod is actually behind many of the runoffs, as Sutcliffe's fibre network creeps out into the suburbs, and they have to clear the lines to install the cabling.. When were our waterlines here in Harris Crescent computerised? A couple of years ago, at least?

And yet the water continues to be flooded out regularly, if not in the valley, down the street itself. Does this bode good for the country's water supplies? Hell, you know the answer to that one.. Once the waterlines are all linked to the system (something that could take at least another decade to achieve?) the authorities will have absolute control over the water supplies to each and every individual property..
Do you kid yourselves that by that time a somewhat more civilised government will be in power and that the sophisticated technology will make life better for the population? Boy, are you in for a nasty surprise!
Exchange one band of savages for another, albeit they're priviliged and probably better educated, they'll be every bit as desensitised and callous as their predecessors.. Guaranteed.

Your neighbour has a moerse aircon unit or two just outside your windows? Have you ever felt an enormous wind coming off those units? If there's a logical reason for this phenomenon, I'd love to hear it.
Check out the units high up on No. 16's wall, and THESE two on Freddie's wall, and by golly, between them I guess they could kick up quite a gale to be pumped down this way, to meet with the three on Agent Balliram's wall.
So ja, your aircon units may well play up once the quantum laser project hits your street, but after the technicians have fiddled with them and made them compatible with the laser technology you'll be good to go.

Me? Sitting here now out on the verandah, it's obvious that it's the upper body and head that are being 'attended to' overnight. My shoulders, neck and head all ache unpleasantly, and the inside of my ear was wet when I sat up this morning. Make of it what you will, but I figure that little update will keep a few of the haters happy?

The pale grey heron(?) took off as the bushdweller shambled out from under the trees, and Sophie is venting noisily just for the hell of it. My old man's dizziness had reappeared last night as he'd stood under the garage spotlights and had bent down to pat the dog.. Points scored by whichever monitor was watching him at the time?
(PS and he's just informed me this minute that despite the medication, his vertigo is back with a vengeance this morning. Quantum laser experimentation, anyone? Copious vomit, anyone?)

Tuesday 19th August 2014 at 8.29am.