Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blind obedience..
(begun Wednesday at 11.05am)

How easily have you allowed yourself to be persuaded to believe that I'm an isolated case, and a deserving target at that? Get real. We're all feeling the effects of this wireless and weather war being waged against the country's population.
Did I say all?
Well, unless you're the very cream of the Elite and are priviliged to have been given the recipe to create a potion of Protection to encircle you and yours in safety, then yes. I'd aver that each of you, quantum recruits and ignorant labrats alike, are taking a physical battering, whether you're aware of it or not.

What is she now? Eighteen? Nineteen? And already she's made her bucket list? Totally into the idea that she and her fellow recruits can change this country for the better, all the while being taught to hone her laser skills on those considered to be her inferiors, and their domestic pets included?
It's ironic that it's been left to one of such little brain to suggest there's something badly wrong with the idyllic picture painted of the quantum surveillance technology and it's underlying agenda to enslave the world's population.

Not one among you has either the desire nor the courage to step forward and attempt to change my mind. Why is that? Is my awesome awfulness such that I'm considered unworthy of the truth? Is the Pope a Catholic?
Speaking of which - Does religion indeed serve to dull critical thinking, as it would appear to have done en masse when Sydenham and Sherwood were gifted to be the birthplace of the Smart City quantum laser surveillance system? Where neighbour is coached to violate their neighbour's privacy and spy invisibly on them, for their 'own good'?

Young Dom left it rather late, but eventually he resorted to throwing the Emmanuel Cathedral into the mix, no doubt assuming that would make him appear to be one of god's good creatures... Oops! Did his claim on Facebook that he would support the Sydenham CPF Chair, leave her feeling comfortable, or just a little creeped out, as she caught the faint whiff of the Omnipotence Disease that besets all quantum laser Area Controllers in the end?
I see young Mario down in the Bulwer area seems to share a similar script with Dominic, as he gushes of his admiration for the hardworking activist down that side, at the drop of a hat.

What's the distance streetwise, between Mistuh George's abode and that of Ms. Rorick? Anyone know? A doable stretch, leaping from streetlight pole to pole to access her power supply, or is the monitoring carried out INSIDE her home being run by an associate of Mario's? I'm talking twak again? Come now children, it's pointless trying to kid a kidder, and you and I know that the entire Smart City quantum Project is built on lies from start to finish. It's time for your recruits to bin the handbook written by your so-prized Agent Balliram, and to place more emphasis on the core character and self-control of the cadets you enlist.
Something that's been sorely lacking on our small link in this mighty chain. A chain that's already removed your own freedom without you noticing it.

I showed the GameWrecker the picture of the pipe on Fred's street boundary wall that I'd mentioned in my Thin Ice update, and he said it's an optical illusion, and it's merely a broken-off segment of the downpipe from the Accountant's garage roof guttering and that it serves no purpose at all. These eyes still tend to see what they want to see at times, and I've subsequently checked with the binocs and the old man is right. The excavations being dug at the foot of Fred's streetlight pole, coupled with the sight of that pipe at a distance, and I put 2 and 2 together to come up with three... Tsk tsk...

Wednesday 20th August 2014 at 3.15pm.