Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fire's out?
(Monday 18th August)

It would appear so, ja...I scribble endlessly, but for some inexplicable reason I don't share on my wall, and only my shoulder Ferrets get to see what I write.
Subliminal messaging and mind control, or simply the wild imagination running rampant?

I'm still managing to smoke just one ciggie an hour (and sometimes I forget!) and have cut back from 2 packs a day to a mere dozen, tops, with absolutely no premeditated intention of doing so. Bizarre. Am I bitchier than ever as a result? Nope. I'm still the same old cheerful grumbler I always was.
Anyways, you're going to have to do without my screeds of unintelligible gibberish, and make do with photos and captions instead, at least until my Controllers decide my fate.
The hits to my ear, jaw, neck and head, are now occurring several times a day, and I've no idea what they're after. The GameWrecker's bout of vertigo has improved for the time being, and he's taking stuff for it.

Is Captain Soobrathi's diagnosis also as a result of wireless assaults to his head, and what about my friend up in Kloof with the agonising pains to her jaw? The good Captain has proven to be an invaluable asset to our CPF and as such he would've riled the corrupt sitting up there at Dodge City no end, hey Lazzie? Palsy at his age? Se GAT!!! That nerve damage will be the result of concentrated laser/wireless assaults carried out by Agent Balliram, or one of his equally willing associates, and there's no question about it.

This astounding technology has turned cowardice into an art form, as the quantum recruits realise they can literally get away with murder, and they use the airwaves to settle imaginary scores... Does Zaid know what's being done to him? Is he fully aware of the quantum laser Project, and how it operates? Should I enquire where he lives, and then do a quick drive-by to see whether the usual evidence presents itself near his abode? A dodgy, non-functioning or always-on streetlight? A regular water run-off? Any black mirror-glassed windows near to his home? Overheads operating 24/7?

Is the Chirpster beginning to understand my disbelief that there is any good whatsoever involved in this population controlling project? Constantly singing the praises of his fellow officers, while he continues to sit back silently, aware of the ongoing criminal activities at Sydenham Station? Orders, Stephen? You can't move a muscle, and must just watch as the good cops are picked off? All the assurances that it will come right in the end, and that you must just be patient, is a load of CRAP, and if you can't see that for yourself then you're farther gone than I'd imagined.
Is Sydenham SAPS totally off-limits for the so-called Good Teams? Why?

Monday 18th August 2014 at 1.53pm.