Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Stony silence?
(begun 30th July at 10.55am)

I told you before, it's like a ruddy great Blockword, and though many of the gaps will likely stay empty forever, I sure as hell enjoy trying to fill them in.
Take young Eric for example. Had that community-minded young man thought better of his waspish comment on the Glenwood FB page, in response to my picture posted of that blackglass window'd home in Francoise Road, and he'd deleted it?
Or had someone else seen it and hastily suggested he remove it?
It's never a good idea to feed this anti-quantum Project troll, and to give her a platform on which to broadcast the truth.. Tough. Good old gmail Notifications had shown me his comments anyways, and I'd been duly grateful.

I read somewhere that before she'd vanished forever on 'sick leave' (hmm.. is she still drawing her full salary to this day?) Jacquie Subban was at some stage put in charge of Demarcation. You missed that? That was probably just before the last major Ward elections, right?
The ones where we here in Sherwood ended up in some sort of limbo-land without a functioning Councillor, in a newly-created Ward, and we subsequently went on to discover that Zanele aka Sharon is just one of several Councillors who are under investigation for irregularities surrounding their actual election.
As far as I know, there's been a stony silence on the subject since then, though I've no doubt she continues to enjoy her Ward Councillor's salary.
What was it that finally got Ms. Subban running for cover like that? She'd done exactly as her shadowy advisors had ordered, only to end up under a cloud of suspicion every bit as dodgy as her Mentor, Michael Sutcliffe.

Gain total control over key figures and the masses will follow meekly? And so it was. Those who continue to chirp on Facebook that withholding your rates would at least get the City Officials to sit up and take notice, should quit embarrassing themselves. Have you ANY idea of how many of your immediate neighbours have already signed up for the glorious quantum Cause? You'd be left hanging out there on an unsupported limb, and payback for your temerity would be long and painful, believe me.

Are you keeping track of how many homes have gone up in smoke just this past month? Paying proper attention yet? As long as it's not your home, you've got bigger problems to worry about than some random electrical fires? Really?

Friday 1st August at 4.55am

We'd pulled in to the Queensmead Shopping Centre at 1.45pm yesterday, for what must have been about the fifth emergency pee stop. (I'm fairly certain that you could correct me on the exact figure, Agent Balliram? If not you yourself, whoever was running that tracking session would certainly know the number of times my SO had been forced to look for a loo during our outing. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?)
He'd left me sitting in the Polo, just a car away from THIS light up on the wall, overlooking the parking lot.
Some minutes later a car alarm had suddenly blared into life further down the lot, as an Operative sought to home in on our vehicle. Oops!

Their second attempt had been more successful, and I'd taken a flurry of jabs to my temple, and had looked up to find that bloody light had come on. A gung-ho exercise that reeked of Someone feeling the need to prove their prowess, and that stealth hadn't featured too highly on their list. It never has, has it dear? After all, you're still holding the entire pack of cards when it comes to your own personal labrat, so why would you bother with caution?

To those of you out there who've yet to be enlisted to the Smart City quantum neighbour spying upon neighbour project, and yet you've come to recognize at least some of the weirdness I attempt to describe, you may safely add this latest operation to your list of things to watch out for.
If you're in a Mall parking lot for any length of time and a nearby car alarm goes off without anyone around, and that nasty little niggling earache or jabs to the head suddenly kicks in, rest assured you're the target for a couple of quantum trackers.
Crazy? You think?

When I'd come to start my car early yesterday morning, the battery had been deader than a dodo, and the GW had said it was just days over it's warranty date. Hau! I'd tried to get the interior light working on Tuesday, and had given up and forgotten to put it back on the central locking position. Despite that the bulb wasn't working, could that have led to my battery's death? Pure coincidence on the timing? Whatever.
You can guarantee that our Monitors have records of every battery we purchase, and their dates of warranty expiration, and both my car and the Polo have been targeted this way in the past.

My car had been going like the proverbial bomb (yes Stephen, stickers and all), and had been firing up first try, without any problems. Hardly what you'd expect from an ageing battery. I'll give the bastards the benefit of the doubt this time, shall I, and I'll shoulder the blame for the R800 it cost me to replace the thing. Enough.

Friday 1st August 2014 at 7.20am.