Thursday, July 31, 2014

A pale and previously privileged plonker?
(begun Monday 28th July at 10.20am)

Would it be construed as sour grapes were I to suggest that our quantum Recruits are a sorry lot? That very often the high point of their monitoring sessions consists of remotely sending a target's dog into a paroxym of barking for no apparent reason, or to cause a sudden embarrassing itch to the victim himself/herself, and to record the ensuing frenzied scratching with glee?
Beyond your comprehension to believe such pettiness is practised and encouraged by people who really should know better?
There is only so much they can do to entertain themselves during the often boring hours of a surveillance shift, and therefore mischief very often becomes the order of the day.

If it could be proven a couple of years from now, without a doubt, that the huge decline in the Sydenham community's collective health could be laid at the door of the Smart City quantum Project technology, what would you do?
You're still reeling from the crippling costs of a double knee replacement? You lost your beloved wife to an aneurism? You're battling to control your child's diabetes? Colon cancer took your much loved husband in his prime?
So - form a lynch party? And who would you go after? Your Pastor, priest, Minister? A born-again druglord who shape-shifted into a trusted community benefactor, after cutting a shady deal with the Shaikboyz, to sell his own people downriver?
Who would you like to see strung up for authoring such misery in your lives?

Let it go. It's too late for recriminations and payback, for they have your sons and daughters hostage, do they not? A fatwa against the imam at your local mosque, who personally sold you that crock, and assured you that Islam would run the New World Order? Haibo.

Tuesday 29th July at 4.45pm

I'm here sitting in the lounge watching television, and whoever is on this monitoring shift appears to have chosen the Carey Colon frequency as their weapon of choice. Nothing personal Freddie? You sure of that? Pfft...
A bunch of contractors had arrived at our gates at 3pm. They'd had a report of a line blocked between No. 8 and No 10. (If you recall I'd called in a Fault weeks ago, and no-one had come out, and I'd eventually had an sms to say that Report was closed).
To their credit, this crew had walked all the way down into the valley to check out the mess below, although when I'd looked over they were milling about down under the trees. The GameWrecker tells me he'd seen Spanky down there yesterday, fishing something foul out of the mud and water, so I'd guess the Suit himself may have called in the latest fault to the Water Department. Fascinating.

Wednesday 30th July at 4.45am
I'd been sitting at the computer Monday morning at 10.15am, when the power had been cut, so I'd moved out onto the verandah to read for a while. Not long afterwards, I thought I'd heard the cherry-picker's air-brakes and I'd nipped out onto the front lawn to see whether there'd been a ladder up against Freddie's pole. Nada.
I'd taken a hike up top to double check, but the street was empty, and then I promptly forgot about it.
Only last night did I think to check, and sho nuff, No. 12's streetlight has been reactivated for the first time in weeks.
There's also a new rectangle of light shining on godschild's garage wall near their top door, in addition to the already powerful signal enhancer light lower down.
A new fixture added, or simply a clever reflection from something else, designed as some sort of laser route marker?

I'd been only half awake at 3am this morning when my Shift Monitor had begun jabbing away above and behind my right eye, repeatedly. A nasty experience, and I believe I'd muttered something to that effect, before I'd been allowed to doze back off until 4.30am.
Another text to Allen Spence, informing him of my consternation at this latest area chosen for the 'experiments'?
While I do like to keep our certified EE in the loop, it's become clear that his larnie title is little more than decoration intended to bind him more tightly to the Cause.
That there's nothing he can do, or wishes to do, to prevent any 'accidents' on this stretch of the powerlines.

Agent Balliram was redeployed? Outwardly maybe, but if this was the case, he's merely been replaced by graduates who learned their craft at the Sadist's knee and who are, with one exception, every bit as desensitised and compassionless as their erstwhile Controller/Tutor.
Our lights had all dipped last night at 5.55pm, as the GameWrecker had booted up the computer, and there'd been a brief deja vu moment, as you may imagine.
Are YOUR lights dipping at certain times of the day/night? Then you may say hi to the New World Order and the Open Society for sure.

LATER at 9.20am

There's much busyness next door at No. 10, and fingers crossed the Water Department have come out to attend to the leak in the valley below. If there is any mention made of a fault being found in the horse-yard/valley itself being the responsibility of my Excellent Neighbour, then I would hope that they cry foul, loud and clear.
A water department official had insisted to the GameWrecker that blockages and problems that arise anywhere on the line from our home, right down to the storm water drains at the bottom of the valley, are now our responsibility. A bigger crock of rubbish you'd be hard-put to come across, and yet my unfortunate SO bought it.
Old people! Take care and
peace.. PS. Happy Eid, Akay!!! 

Wednesday 30th July 2014 at 9.25am.