Tuesday, August 05, 2014

(begun Monday 4th August at 4.05am)

Will I forget about it? Once the lush green grass that's already flourishing in the two weeks since the Parks tractor was in, has hidden the rivulets and streams running down the bank from view, and the pools of water no longer sparkle in the morning sun?
I climbed up the little ladder and took some proper pics yesterday, and look - you can see another bright green swathe of grass, further along below Cyril's at No.16.

What I'd give to know just how much this tiny corner of the world is costing the quantum Project right now.
The roadworks done on this stretch of Jan Smuts Highway, all the stuff being done between the fly-on to town and the Freeway bridge, and the race to get those additional blocks of student apartments up on the Mayville side of the freeway,
must be costing a huge whack.

I'd popped up top for a dekko last night, and the new res. block in Mayville had been lit up like a proverbial christmas tree.. Little boxes, shining out in the dark... Stack, pack and nuke em, Jannie? Do any of those students fully understand what they're going to be exposed to, as each humble apartment is linked to the quantum Chain?
I'd hazard there's no difference between the top achievers who are to occupy those flats, and the eggheads who hang out at the Physics lab at UKZN...
All - to a man/woman - entranced and addicted by the enormous power the quantum laser technology gives them over man and beast, to the point where reason leaves the building...

I'd been watering in the front yard earlier, and I'd moved to where I could see the inside of my Excellent Neighbour's top door as I could hear Joey barking in a chatty manner... Had Someone taken offence at the object of my interest right then, for I began taking a series of unpleasant jabs to the head, without warning, and godschild had opened their door and then disappeared down the steps to the house?.
Again - We're all equal, but some a great deal more so than others? You may invade every inch and corner of my home and my life, and yet you will hit me should I so much as glance in your direction?
Who was on Shift at 9.45am? Youngsters? Narcissus at No. 16, perhaps paired with ? Those nasty jabs to my head appear to be on the increase, and are employed with the same casual cruelty as the BackFire frequency to my cancer...

So what? The waves of unnatural heat have also been stepped up, and can catch me pretty much anywhere inside the house. I'd tried to take a shot of the Sadist's signal enhancing beauty last night, as it sits now glaring out a dull red, just outside our windows. Is it purely for effect, or does that crimson colour it's currently pushing out, have anything to do with the oven-like temperatures reached in our little home overnight?
That background whine that I can hear so clearly in the bedroom and in the kitchen, running at different levels? Sometimes so carelessly loud that I remark on it, and it quietens almost immediately.. Allen? Any idea of the purpose behind all this increased activity in ours.?

Monday 4th August 2014 at 2.54pm.