Saturday, August 30, 2014

The wheel turns?
(begun Tuesday 26th August at 6.15am)

They appear to be working their way along the first floor, and last night the light shone out from a window almost at the centre of the student res block, and it was still on in the early hours this morning.
Whatever that setup involved, it was clearly boring, and at 3.55am they'd sought some light relief in ours by setting my hand alight. Were the results satisfying? Were the airwaves suddenly alive with sniggers of delight as I'd flapped my agonised limb over the edge of bed, frantically trying to put out those flames?

Was that demonstration laid on for anyone's benefit in particular, or simply to reassure the Sad Creature next door that he still rules the roost?
There's to be no Grand Finale after all, and the PTB appear to have decreed that we're on a loop, and for our Master of Sadistic Perversions to begin again from the beginning with the tortures and trials that initially arrived in 2005..
And so it is. The crude hacking of our computer is once again on the increase, as the nearby quantum heroes huddle hidden at their laptops to promote the New World Order, using any means at their disposal.

Does the installation of the black mirror glass to certain windows on a property prove that the owner/occupants are fully on board the Smart City quantum surveillance Project? As far as I'm concerned it most certainly does, and for that matter the sight of any one window on a house that has been covered by some sort of black material, is proof enough for me that an establishment is being used as a link in the quantum chain. Is that a trick of the light or an optical illusion that had me seeing that existing home at No.10 Poynton Place has a small blacked-out window in the picture, top right, on the Big Yellow Taxi's FB page?

I finally got to send that sms to our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban at 4.10am this morning. I grant you it was with no little difficulty as, although the flames had by then died down to a simmer, my fingers felt like over-cooked sausages.. Our house lights continue to flash at several points each evening, and I asked our Allen Spence whether we were to be the next victims of a house fire, due to an electrical 'fault'.. I'm well aware that I'm an insignificant irritation to one whose mission it is to see that the city's power supplies are, for the most part, handed over to the quantum Project's chosen Area Controllers to 'manage'.. Still.....

The purple-crested loerie has just arrived to bathe in the first rays of the morning sun, and I'm reminded just how fortunate I really am. Peace.