Saturday, August 23, 2014

(begun Friday 15th August at 3.50am)

There was a time when the Roodts, Booysens, and Clarkes would've hunted down these law-breakers and had them locked away forever. Things have changed dramatically in this brave new world however, and the good cops of the past have come to regard their younger technology-savvy colleagues with awe and respect, despite their criminal activities. Sure, they'll trot out a credible story of how their hands are tied, and how impossible it is to prove the mayhem and destruction that's being caused over the airwaves and powerlines. All in all it's pretty sad how these good men have been made to fall silent, while outrage upon outrage is being carried out by certain sectors of the quantum 'warriors'.

The Polo's battery had died on Wednesday without any warning, and he'd managed to replace it the same day. Sure, it was past it's expiry date, but it goes without saying it reeks of outside interference, nonetheless..
My shrivelled-up womb had been my Tracker's primary target during our outing yesterday, although at times they'd employed the BackFire and Throat Choker specials simultaneously as well. Was it somehow due to the Polo's new battery, that the results of those assaults had been spectacular?

Rezah? Still consulting out there, or has our quick learner Agent Balliram, no need of your services any longer? Was the engineered pain and discomfort I'd endured yesterday, exacerbated by the car's new battery, or not? And why had that mischief suddenly stopped dead at 1pm? Off to lunch perhaps? Oh, and the other thing? The death of the first two fingers and thumb on both of my hands, that occurs at some point in the wee hours most mornings? Could you talk us through that little party trick as well? Mr. Isaacs?

At 2.20am this morning I'd been woken by an enthusiastic Shift Monitor employing the newly upgraded flurry of knives to the cancer. From the wide variety of times that I've logged, I figure it's safe to say this particular nose-running delight has been devised to cause the maximum discomfort possible?
It matters not whether it was the laaitie across the road, or the respectable-appearing woman two doors up who was actually aiming their lasers at my disfigured back, for I'm sure that Allen Spence would confirm that an official Area Controller is present at ALL TIMES to ensure that no accidents happen while the cadets leap from plug to plug in their target's homes?

You might want to check the plug pins that feed your PC and your television, for I seem to recall several in the past that were blackened just short of a complete meltdown.. So, Al? There's always a fully qualified Area Controller required to be on duty to see the Recruits don't inadvertently start a blaze in one of the homes on our stretch? That would be either Collin P. Balliram, or Frederick Cochrane, right?
By now, both gentlemen have surely acquired their electrical engineering degrees? After all, it wouldn't do for these fine Tutors of our local youth to have no more than a rudimentary knowledge of controlling the electricity feeds?

The computerised quantum laser program has been tailor-made by Francesco Petruccione up at Physics, UKZN, to allow almost any monkey to operate the power feeds to the suburbs, without mishap?
One house, apartment, or business in say, 200, going up in flames, are pretty good odds? If you say so, Mistuh Spence... You'd surely think then, that after nearly a decade of providing a Learning Hub for the quantum Recruits in Harris Crescent, that the system could run without a hitch?

Why then has our desk lamp next to the computer taken to dipping wildly of an evening, actually blowing the bulb the night before last? Why was the expensive spotlight on our garage (one of two) burned out the day before yesterday, and why can I still so often feel a tangible wall of heat in my corner of the lounge, and in my bedroom?
Are we, in your opinion, rated as less than bottom-feeders, despite that we've provided such a vital, and if I may say so, entertaining service for so many years?
Your smarmy mantra that we are all equal, rings pretty hollow right now young man, and I'd aver that it's a downright lie in itself.
A whopper of little significance when stood up against the main agenda, right?
Have a good day and

Friday 15th August 2014 at 5.44am.