Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spoiled for choice.
(begun Wednesday 13th August at 10.05am)

I was still raking out front when the power went off at 9.15am. The V8 had pulled out noisily from No. 6 just twenty minutes later. 
Would his trusty second-in-command at No. 12 care to tellus who it is that's been targeting my cancer so diligently over the last couple of days?
Oom Frederick could be attending a symposium in New Zealand for 'special' CA's right now, and it wouldn't make any difference to the pecking order in this street.
Number 2 he is, and Number 2 he shall remain.
So ja - It matters not which of the many trained monkeys are actually aiming their lasers at my cancer every now and then, for they will have been ordered to do so by one or other of the head honchos on this stretch.

Increasing the level of the 'experiments' as well? For sure you are. The intensity of the lengthy assault to the lymph glands on my jawline signified that Someone was taking their job rather more seriously than usual.
Since whining to the unfortunate Superintendent of Electricity for Durban however, that particular delight has not been repeated. Instead, my legs and feet were targeted to literally at times vibrate, and threaten constantly to cramp. Charming.

The power was restored at 10.15am. One hour needed to run a ladder up a specific pole and make adjustments, or to allow the Scuzzbag at No. 6 to get himself comfortably seated over at the Radio Station? Hell, your guess, folks...
It would appear that undaunted, our Agent Balliram had merely turned his foul attentions to some of his other vulnerable labrats, and this morning the GameWrecker says he has vertigo quite severely, as he totters about cautiously. That's the ears, is it not?
Add to that the old lady up at No.17's call earlier, to say that she's had to book to see her doctor as her legs have been really bad, and I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

(Het julle gister gesien op Facebook who lekker vinnig die Kolonel agter begin dans het? Haibo, but he threw her into reverse like a pro, ne? Been there and done that. Post in haste, regret at leisure, Jimbo?)

How are the Bullyboyz getting on with their efforts at actual mind control? Course I can only speak for myself and not for the many other voiceless victims that will be targeted by these spoiled-for-choice megalomaniacs operating the quantum technology...
Not too shabby, at a guess? The god's helmet that I mentioned yesterday was apparently a device designed to allow scientists to see whether they could, by fiddling with your frontal lobe, adjust your thought processes, and I gather it worked.

With the amazing technological advances made since then, you can rest assured that a tangible head piece is no longer necessary, and I'd venture to suggest that the tight and usually 'cold' and unpleasant 'cap' that's dropped invisibly over my skull so often, as I sit at the desk, is quite possibly the advanced replacement for the so-called god's helmet?
The first signs of a break-through isn't something that I'm going to share with you just yet, as it was extremely unpleasant, and best forgotten for the moment.

However, I'm a close to 2 packs a day smoker, with no desire to give it up, and yet two weeks ago I'd woken on a Saturday morning and had begun counting each fag that I smoked, and writing it down. I'd deliberately left the ciggies in the back room and pretty much forgot about them, and that first day I smoked just eight, between rising and going to bed.
I'd been barking more than usual, thanks to copious doses of the Throat Choker frequency added to my own fruity cough, so I'd figured it had been some sort of remarkable self-control that suddenly had me cutting back so drastically to about 10 fags max per day, without any difficulty whatsoever.

Now of course, I'm not so sure. Whatever. It's been an interesting experience and I'd prefer not to go back to often finding that I've got two cigs on the go simultaneously.
By Jove! Hard to believe that I might just have written a positive on the Smart City quantum surveillance and control project!
The grass is soft and warm beneath my feet, and I feel the urge to sneak in how grateful I am for the wonders that surround me, before I launch into my next grumble.. Stay safe.

Wednesday 13th August 2014 at 2.33pm.