Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Word of mouth.
(begun Tuesday 5th August at 4.55am)

Sitting here at the desk, it's a quick jab to my left ovary area, and then the net curtain puffs out at just the one open window, and you know that whoever pulled this shift is at their post. A nerve-end twangs in a front tooth, and the BackFire flares briefly, and we're good to go.
Best give the Graveyard Shift lot credit for their efforts as well?
Surfacing around 4am to find my right shoulder and arm felt like they'd been run over by a bus? Don't tell me some nearby Einstein is trying to connect that bit of light raking and bag packing I'd done yesterday to the increased ache in my arm? Pfft..

Cripple em, but make it look natural? Oh ja - you did a bit of gardening yesterday, so there's the reason you're totally incapacitated today?
How's this one? The night before, I'd already eaten a bowl of pasta by the time he got home, and he'd brought me an enormous wodge of custard slice.. Did it deter me? Hardly. I'd hoovered it down on top of the pasta and belched comfortably.
I'd had a Smart Alec on shift at the time.. An invisible 'Guardian' who'd seen the amount of food I'd just shovelled into my maw, and had decided there and then that my piggery was worthy of some sort of repurcussion, and they'd promptly begun jabbing away somewhere on my right torso... I'd squawked aloud in outrage and they'd stopped that nonsense.. Go check the records and see for yourselves..

Are you going to say that it's due to my 'Protectors' efforts that since Saturday I've cut back from close on 40 fags per day, to just seven or eight, and no sign of any withdrawal symptoms or freakouts?
My own fruity barking, combined with the regular spiteful administration of the Throat Choker frequency, had finally gotten even on my nerves, so Saturday, I started pacing myself, and it's worked... Give up altogether? Pull the other one.

You might want to stop on our verge sometime and check out the lights installed at the DD Project's student res block over under the gumtrees (Or what's left of the trees). And those are just for starters! Balliram and his Handlers don't believe in moderation, and their motto of Everything to excess is going to be there for all the world to see, when the sun goes down each day.
You've googled Sutcliffe's Smart City quantum Project, and his fibre optic Network, and still you're none the wiser?

If you were to introduce a shockingly advanced surveillance technology to the population in order to monitor and control every aspect of their lives, why would you allow the details of such wizardry to be found on wiki or google? You wouldn't.
You're going to have to hope that you qualify to be invited on board..

Tuesday 5th August 2014 at 6.31am