Saturday, August 23, 2014

Words fail me..
(begun Sunday 24th August at 4.20am)

Was that a collective sigh of relief I'd heard, when I'd seemingly trivialised my attempts to warn you by saying that EVERYONE is feeling the effects of the quantum laser/wireless surveillance technology? Did you all shrug and say well that's okay then? We all get out of bed and risk the dangerous pot-holed roads and the unlicensed drivers daily, and we all ingest the genetically modified foods, so what's new? You're kidding me, right?
It's got to be my appalling lack of communication skills that's to blame, despite that I've tried my utmost to describe to you just what it is that you're supporting so keenly.

As always, I can only guess why things have gone quite so pear-shaped here at No. 8 Harris Crescent, and why dear Balliram has been permitted to reintroduce the focus to my cancer with apparent impunity.
It may well be that he's been preoccupied wiring up DUT's initial three blocks of cannon-fodder accommodation across the way, and now all that's left is the fourth and final structure that sits just beyond the gumtrees across the valley, facing us.
I'd taken a picture the night those lights had first come on, some weeks back, and of course our Cracker at last has a comfy front row seat from where he can sit linking each of those labrat's apartments to the quantum Chain, and in between he sees to it that I'm pretty much whacked to within an inch of my life by a wide variety of assaults.

I'd been permitted to rake and weed and cut the edges for a couple of hours yesterday morning, without any problems, but once I'd tidied up and settled down out on the verandah, Someone had decided to target my foot. WTF? Seriously? Sounds like nothing maybe, but you had to be there.
I'd gone back indoors after 12pm, and the pain had vanished completely and hadn't returned, so you may draw your own conclusions... And no, I didn't say that it was the Sadist himself who'd been in attendance during that particularly cruel session, as it could have been any one of his heroic students carrying out that savage unpleasantness on his behalf.

Do you have a bit of parkland near your home where they've cut the grass within the last few months, and it's looking dry and blasted? Any telltale swathes of startling green on that patch? A give-away that there's a ton of water running freely into the ground? Our CPF Members were informed at the last Meeting that there's a water crisis looming, and that water restrictions are on the cards.. Did you know that?
Just how much are you willing to ignore before the penny finally drops?
Eskom are in crisis and have been forced to reintroduce load-shedding, and yet every other streetlight around eThekwini is blazing out daily in the sunshine?
Now there's a water crisis, and yet the grassland below us shows shocking evidence of regular run-offs, and if that's not sufficient, a pipe will be surged nearby and burst, as happened last week outside Cottage No. 5.

Ever tried googling the computerisation of eThekwini water lines? I haven't, but it's no secret... Take the student res block facing us, for starters. See how they've cleverly picked out the plumbing on the back of that edifice, by applying a coat of terra cotta behind the pipes? And the pipes themselves, picked out in white?
Perfect for the quantum laser 'warriors' to home in on, from a distance, right?

At some point after 6.30pm last night, I'd scribbled out the following draft sms for our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence. 'House lights all flashing intermittently last night and tonight. Not your standard dipping. Are we to be the next quantum Project fire, due to an electrical 'Fault'?"
More threats from the goonda nearby?
May I suggest you treat with extreme caution the gift that you've been given? The gilt-edged invitation to join the Elite, that purports to elevate you above the unwashed masses, is of course no such thing, and in accepting it, you've handed your own life to the Dark Forces on a plate.
Enchanted and drunk by your own miraculous powers, you've failed to see the net that tightens about you.. Do you care? Eish! Your emphatic NO has left my already embattled eardrums ringing! Good luck out there folks, for you're going to need it.

Sunday 24th August 2014 at 6.21am.