Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What the doctor ordered?
(begun Wednesday 2nd July at 5am.)

Any sort of backlash since I published my FB update called The Partnership, on Monday morning? Repurcussions, much?

I'd logged on later in the day to find an inbox message waiting for me from a name I didn't recognize. The message had been an ambiguous reference to my latest profile portrait, and had suggested that my look was somehow triumphant. That was it. I don't know where this 'Russell Stefan' got that impression, but I'd duly hustled over and changed the pic for another, that couldn't in any way be construed as confrontational. A fake profile, created by my tormentors for a giggle? Who had judged that pale and characterless phiz to be to my taste? It's quite possible that in years to come it'll be realised that there's nothing quite so dangerous as a bored quantum Recruit, with time on their hands...

Monday night they'd woken me at 11pm with the Throat Choker frequency, and I'd barked for what seemed like forever, while someone had jabbed away at my wrists and hands. Weirdness. I'd finally booted up yesterday at around 9am, and almost immediately I began taking jabs to the left side of my neck, just under my jawline. WTF? Something new?
I'd managed to finish sending out the CPF Minutes, despite the mischief engineered in my gmail, and at 10.05am, they were back at poking away at my neck again. Seriously? I'd heard the V8 bakkie rumble into life at 10.45am, so I figure I could be forgiven for thinking it may well have been the Charmer at No. 6 who'd introduced that brand new area of assault.

Later in the day I'd shown my old man the place they'd been going after, and he'd googled the old lymph glands, and had pulled up a picture displaying where all the kidney shaped nodes were situated.
Bingo! In one swoop it explained the odd places they've gone after on occasion. Around my collar-bone and the back of my neck included.
Do both Balliram and Freddie employ a similar diagram when tutoring their more advanced quantum Recruits? To teach them the exact areas that are to be targeted by the lasers? You bet they do.

Were my VC to have wrapped his knee in several layers of sisalation shortly after he encountered the first jabs of pain, would it have helped? Say, about four layers, stretching from above the knee to a few inches below? It seems they've gone on to include his abdomen in their relentless assaults, and if he hasn't yet acquired a fully- fledged ulcer, they clearly intend seeing that he does, soon enough. He says the meds he's been given aren't helping, but then they wouldn't, would they Lazzie? Virtual se GAT!
Persistently and repeatedly targeting the same area will cause anything from a cyst to an ulcer, to cancer, and let's quit beating about the bloody bush here. Speaking of which Freddie - would you like me to publish the piece I'd scribbled out yesterday on the Fiddler's frequency, and it's employment among the female gender under your charge? Will you back away in outraged denial, and claim no knowledge of such goings-on, just as your colleage did, to no avail?
Reasonable doubt, my man. That's all it takes, and I figure you and Agent Balliram have provided more than enough of that, to raise the alarm.

Our streetlight and Fred's still sit without functioning lamps, despite our calls to the Faultline, and yesterday a small group of workers were back below No. 12, out of my sight. I'd remarked at lunchtime how quiet they were, and not long after that, a couple of weedwhackers had kicked noisily into life for a while. Nice try, but way too late. and a flimsy cover at best.
It's now 5.50am, and I must go put out the trash. I'm hoping that my incoherent scribbles haven't led you to the conclusion that I despise my neighbours for their criminal activities. Far from it. I owe them much and more, although I pity some of them rather more than others, for the sheer malice that fuels their cooked heads.

That SADF Puma(?) has been around a lot lately. Anything at all to do with the two 'ex-SADF members' who are apparently due to take up residence at Moth Cottage No. 11? Charmaine?
Will their arrival coincide with the power being switched on to last block of student apartments across the valley? More bloody quantum agents working with the Brits and the CIA to enslave our citizens?
Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 9.55am.