Saturday, July 05, 2014

Through the mill..
(begun Thursday 3rd July at 7.24am)

I broke the rules? What fekking rules? As long as I gave my characters some sort of ambiguous name or title, it was fine by you, but put your real name in print and it's a whole new ball game? Pfft...

The quantum Project's Damage Control machine is legend, and any glitches are taken are of, without further ado. Has anything I've ever said actually caused real consternation whatsoever? Anything other than snide laughter at my staggering stupidity? So what's changed? The suggestion that I might have 'triumphed' over anything at all, is ludicrous in the extreme, and I remain as much the the trapped labrat as I ever was.

Concessions? Sure, there've been some concessions, but for the most part I've resisted the temptation to fall on my knees in grateful thanks, as they're tenuous at best, and may be revoked at the drop of a hat. So why push my luck and rave in each update about improvements that can be whipped away at a moment's notice?
I figure that for as long as I'm able, I'll stick to what I do best, whether I'm silenced today, or a year from now.

The GameWrecker left after 7am, to lurch up to Alpine Motors in Pinetown to join the queue.. I'm to wait for Penny to arrive, and for her to finish the vacuuming before I go to collect my old man and we'll do a bit of shopping together. I'll drop him back at the Agents to wait for the Polo before I head home for good.

Friday 4th July at 5.22am

Yesterday? Not too bad at all.. Another R1200 down the tubes for a problem that may or may not exist, but the Polo's good to go until the next remote assault on those sparkplug connector coils.
I guess my Trackers deserve points for their caution, although the lack of a computerised system in my old banger may work in my favour.
I was glad that I'd popped into Sydenham SAPS on the way home, and I'd left feeling light-hearted, having seen only friendly faces all around...
I'm an idiot? Sure I am, but I'll take what smiles I'm given at face-value, and enjoy them.

For a nano-second there, yesterday morning, I'd thought that godschild would burst out laughing. I'd run the info about the possibility of two ex-SADF members being due to move in to cottage No. 11, while the repairs are being done to replace the stolen geyser, and judging by his fleeting reaction, I guess he thinks this falls into the carefully-fed misinformation category?

With all of my dithering about this morning, it's now 5.55am, and I have a red-hot poker sitting between my shoulder-blades as my Watchers zoom in to read every feeble word I scribble here at the desk. Family are due to visit for a couple of days, so you'll have to manage without my over-excited yelps for a while..
While some of you can be counted on to give forth endless streams of words villifying the Government and it's corrupt practises, I can be counted on to tell you what you don't want to hear. Cest la vie.

Friday 4th July 2014 at 6.42am.